Ever since I started my natural hair journey 3 years ago (or more, I stopped counting), I find myself tilting towards naturally made products not just for my hair but for my skin as well…

Wura Naturals is a homemade cosmetic products company that caters to the hair care and skin care needs of that person who is, or wants to be more with nature.

Knowing that there are no parabens, SLS, chemical preservatives, artificial colors in their products gives me peace of mind and even though so many natural brands out there still go funny, I can say that Wura naturals isn’t one of them.

Wura Naturals

Whipped Shea Smoothie, Black Smoothie Soap & Pure Coconut Oil…

And no, this isn’t lip service as I am one to give my honest opinion and having used their products for a while now, I can testify to it.

Lets delve right into it shall we…

First is their Pure Coconut Oil.

Wura Naturals…
Wura Naturals

Pure Coconut Oil

Packaging: I got the cute 120ml bottle that comes with a pump and thank goodness the pump works. The content looks like pure coconut oil, smells pure like coconut oil and I bet it tastes like pure coconut oil LOL.

No instructions on how to use but I apply this right after my bath on damp skin and let it work its magic. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling too oily throughout the day. Love it!

2nd. The Black Smoothie Soap.

Wura Naturals

Black Smoothie Soap

Packaging: I got the 450gm tub and was super delighted at the size because it means I wont be needing soap for a little while.

I must say that to me, it smells just like chocolate and once again I’m wondering if it would taste just like chocolate. It lathers well, and doesn’t dry out my skin.

It has a not so pasty feel even though it looks so thick.

Wura Naturals

3. The Whipped Shea Smoothie.

Wura Naturals

Whipped Shea Smoothie

Packaging: This one comes in a 200gm tub and boy do I wish it was more. If you watch/watched my insta stories, you must have seen me gushing about how amazing the whipped shea smoothie is.

It’s so smooth and yes, it smells amaaaaaaazing!!!! It absorbs into my skin nicely and nope, my pores doesn’t feel clogged. Truth be told, I use this more than I use the coconut oil.

I honestly don’t have to use any body mist or anything after using the whipped shea smoothie as its sweet-smelling fragrance lingers. True story.

I’m always tempted to lick my own skin lol.

Wura Naturals

Verdict: I absolutely love their products and would use them over and over again. You too can benefit from all this goodness by following Wura Naturals on Instagram here and purchasing their products.

PS: Don’t say I don’t give you guys the good stuff *wink*

Kisses loves!!!

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