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Work Outfit (2) -Clad In P!nk

Work outfit

I just realised that I haven’t wished you all happy easter. It’s not to late now is it? I hope you all enjoyed the holiday and took out time to reflect on the reason for easter…

I mentioned in my post which you can read here that picking out work outfits feels like such a chore to me. I simply hate it but my whining is limited because I work in an environment that pretty much permits me to wear almost anything. Almost!

So why limit myself to boring colors and outfits when I can strut into the office with enough pink to make coloring books jealous lol.

Work outfits








Work outfits



I bought these hot pink pants last year and paired it here with a different shirt. I figured it was a little too loud for most people especially when it comes to their work environment, so I took it down a notch and paired it with this gorg print top.

People keep saying I hardly smile in my pictures so I gave my most dashing smile up there. I hope it’s enough to brighten up your day and if it isnt, my outfit should do the trick.

Now the question is, would you be caught wearing bright colored pants?

Enjoy the rest of your week darlings and you can see more work outfits pictures that don’t make it to the blog by following me on:

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  1. Bright colored pants in other colors please not pink, I’m so not a pink person but your outfit is gorgeous! I’m definitely digging this style & yes to more smiles!

  2. Hi Grace,

    I trust you had an enjoyable Easter.

    Indeed, this electric shade would make even the most aloof colouring book jealous. Lol

    You look lovely. The shirt has a nice vintage vibe and I like the fit of the pants. Yes, I’d be caught wearing brightly coloured pants. 🙂

    Have a great week.

  3. I don’t mind bright colored pants – I have these bright red ones, and another yellow one. I would wear them with solid tops though, to tone down the whole look. And I’d keep my shoes simple too.

    Yes, your smile is nice and bright!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  4. When it comes to scrolling up or down In a post, lazy me always wishes to have that auto-scroll button. Can you please recommend something, I want something like that for my Blog

    That pink is an extremely daring color, but u seem to slay in every outfit post ????

  5. This is gorgeous…you rocked them pink pants well.
    I would say I wouldn’t be caught in one, pink or any other brightly coloured pants, but never say never, right?

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