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Work Outfit- Faux Leather Patch Skirt

By November 2, 201528 Comments


Hey people. How are you all doing? November is here and before we know it, christmas carols and decorations will be everywhere. May the good lord keep us all. Amen.






I’ve always worked in environments where I could dress down to work even on a Monday morning. I think that’s the reason I don’t have ‘work outfit posts’. And even though some people in these places I’ve worked try to look formal from Monday to say Wednesday, I on the other hand couldn’t be bothered. I wear what I want to depending on my mood. So you can pretty much find me in a pair of jeans & a tee on a Monday morning.

Today however was different. I wanted to dress up just a lil bit and look like I was actually going to work. Maybe this will make the lady under the tree stop wondering if I’ve really got a job lol.

I like this skirt only cos of the faux leather patch on the side. I hate the color red (you’ll hardly find me wearing red) but the black mix made this bearable. Instead of a black top, I opted for white to brighten the outfit.

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