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Ever heard of Well, I hadn’t until a few days ago when I got a mail from them (I will gist you guys all about it later), and  decided to check out their website. They kinda have some pretty items…

After perusing their website, I found some cute items I wouldn’t mind purchasing from them (if I could), so I decided to create my own Wishlist. Who knows, My wishes might just come true *wink*.

Wishlist4Link to purchase Here.

I recently developed an obsession for dresses and the olive color so falling in love with this dress was eaaaaaaasy lol. They have the wine color which is also beautiful but naaah, I’m loving this instead.

Wishlist1Link to purchase Here.

I picked this gorgeous monochrome swimsuit cos I have finally made up my mind to learn how to swim and for that to happen, I’m going to need strong will, a trainer, swimwear *hint hint* and of cos, a banging body and since I have also decided to continue with my workout sessions, I’ve got the body part covered.

Wishlist2Link to purchase Here.

I have always liked and wanted one of these quirky cute cross bags. I think they are super cute and add that dramatic edge to outfits. What do you think?

Wishlist3Link to purchase Here.

I love brogues. They are comfortable and smart looking and can be paired with a lot of outfits. I currently own quite a number but nothing beats these white babies. *sigh*

Wishlist5Link to purchase Here.

I have a weakness for cute charm bracelets and seeing this one reminds me of the one the thieves who robbed me last year Christmas took. *sniff sniff* They probably threw it away or dashed one of their girlfriends.

With the current state of the Naira which is N1 = “It is well”, One cannot afford to spend frivolously oh!!! The good news is, you can use the coupon “blog20off” to apply for the 20% discount for everything.

That’s it loves. My Wishlist. What do yu think of the items I picked? You can share using the comment box below.

Sidebar: The give away ends tomorrow. If you haven’t entered for it, what are you waiting for? 

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