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White Pants – A Fashion Must Have

By October 14, 201519 Comments

White Pants

Hi guys! Long time no post right? Well, I’ve been out of sorts lately, feeling all blue and moody one would think someone stole my stash of MnMs. I’m gradually coming out of my shell and even though I’ve rolled my eyes countless times at the thought of putting up a blog post, my love for this blog and the fact that I’ve missed you all won , so I decided to put up this post showing you all how I wore my white pants AGAIN lool.

White pants in my opinion are a fashion must haves. They are chic, trendy and have a way of making an outfit more appealing.

I’ve worn these pants here and here and trust me, I intend to wear them a lot more. I really wanted to wear my lil birdie shirt but I didn’t look quite right with blue jeans (maybe it’s just me tho), so after trying different bottoms, I settled for these pants. It looked and felt just right I tell you.

White pants 2

White pants 3

White pants 4

White pants 5

White pants 6

White pants 7

I also kept my outfit simple by wearing minimal accessories. I couldn’t think of a better purse to carry than this one. Ignore my boring poses. I have given up on learning how to pose for pictures or is there anyone out there willing to teach me? I hope you all have been good. Let’s catch up in the comments section okay and connect via:

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Kisses all.


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