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When in doubt, Wrap it up!


It’s the middle of the week, my hair is a mess and we all know that’s not a valid reason to skip work (I so wish it was lol). 

I tried everything I could this morning to make my hair look presentable (I currently have the multi expression pick and drop style on). I used half of my leave in conditioner, tried the argan oil mousse and shine but nope, thing has got a mind of its own. My hair itself is natural (Yup! I am a naturalista sista and loving it) and was hoping I could leave the braids in a little while longer, but this ‘protective style’ is long overdue and has got to go!!!


Until then, I intend to wrap it up. Sad part is, I don’t really know how to tie all em fancy styles with head wraps but in Kanu Nwankwos voice ‘I am determined’ to learn 🙂


Confession: I’ve been tempted to remove this wrap twice already because the weather is so hot, plus I’m not used to tying my hair for so long and It sure feels like I’m going to end up with a headache but I have been complimented quite a lot already and the little vain blood in me wont let me ‘fall my hand’ lol.


So here’s to two or three more days of head wrapping!


As promised, the winner of the printed vintage skirt is – Sandra Odiete @sexytamie yaaaaaaay.

A big thank you to @babcockshopper for the giveaway.

What do you do on  bad hair day? Leave your comments below.



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  1. Wow….screaming and jumping can’t believe dis I won a vintage skirt. *Can’t stop screaming* am really short of words. Thaaank u so so much epiphany and @babcockshopper… muah u guys are d best

  2. Lool i know what you mean. I just end up doing a high puff everyday because styling my hair is so stressful jare. But the scarf is a saviour on those extra lazy days lool.

    Simply Uneeke

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