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What’s in my bag…

imageHi Guys!

I’ve been wanting to put up this post for a while now but one thing or the other keeps happening and I end up pushing it. But I have decided not to stall any more so its 1 for me and 0 for procrastination. Yay!

I recently read darkchildlovethyhairs post on what’s in her own bag which you can read here and oh lawd!, you’d be amazed at what people have in their handbags lool. I’m often curious as to what’s in peoples handbags when I go out and I hope I’m not the only one with this weird curiosity, but just in case there are others like me out there, I say we rock. So in no particular order, these are the things you are most likely to find in my handbag.

WALLET: Nope, you wont find money in my wallet lol. I always end up stashing my money in my bag or pockets but what you will find though is expired ATMs and ID cards, LOL.

MAKEUP BAG:I really wonder if I even need a makeup bag. The days I remember to apply makeup in the mornings before heading out, I don’t ever ‘touch up’, so the thing ends up taking up space.

MY PHONES: Technically, I own just one phone. My Iphone got bad a while ago, so dad is letting me use his for now. I’ve even run out of ‘now’ time lol.

MY CONTACTS/SOLUTION: I wear glasses. Big nerdy glasses, so the days I want to rock my sunglasses and look cool, I switch to my contacts, That way, I can avoid walking into a pole while at it.

NEUTROGENA HAND CREAM: I’ve got dry palms. I blame this on all the dishes I washed as a kid, lol. I’m constantly moisturising my palms. Constantly!

PLASTIC TOOTHPICKS/FLOSS: A must have for me. I’ve got tiny spaces in between my teeth, so food always gets caught. 🙁

HAND SANITIZER: I know this is an important have but in my case, It’s just there in my bag. I hardly ever use it. Who am I kidding, I hardly even remember I have it.

EARPHONES: I love to listen to music on the go, so my earphones are always with me, always.

BISCUIT: Trust me, 7 out of 10 times, you will find a pack of biscuits in my bag. Not just any kind, but Jacobs crackers biscuit. I don’t really know why I love this boring plain biscuit but I just do.

NOTEBOOK: I use it not just for work, but to scribble down anything and everything I think of and don’t want to forget.

KEYS: This bunch contains Keys to my wardrobe, keys to … hmm, I really don’t know why I have all those keys though cos I use only my wardrobe keys. Lol!

LITTLE PERFUME BOTTLES: A girls got to smell good all the time now, so I touch up once a while.

CARD HOLDER: This was given to me by my big sis. It holds my complimentary cards as well as cards given to me.

That’s about it. Now I wonder, what’s in your bag? You can share using the comment box.



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  1. Waoooo, what do i have in my bag? A phone,, baby wipes, wonder why i carry baby wipes since i am not nursing a child. I just like to use it cos of the feel. A must see in my bag is either a packet of sweets or chew gum., my make up purse, a small bottle of perfume, my ipad , my complementary cards,. These are basically what i have in my bag.

  2. I do have a question though, all those traveling bags ladies carry ought to contain way more than what you have listed right?

  3. Nice. Im learning, keep it up. I have my diary, my keys, my make up bag, sunglasses, phones, purse, wat again oh, jotter, handkerchief and baby wipes and oh, body spray.yep.

  4. Interesting! What’s in my bag? Dat wud b wallet, sunglasses, jotter, makeup bag which I really dnt nid cos I dnt remember to touch up,baby wipes, hand sanitizer which I have had since God knows wen and never used, ear piece, charger , handkerchief, bunch of keys,body spray and bitter cola. Lol dats weird right? it works for my voice.

  5. Heheheheh!!! Gigi you’ve gat all of this in your hand bag???? Geeez then its not an hand bag any more its a #Ghana_Must_Go… Lolz. lovely title really, cus am that kind of guy that don’t open ladies bags, so I always wonder “what’s inside” *winks

  6. Hmmmm…you seem to carry a lot around. That’s good though. As for me, I have my body spray, my hair brush, books and toothbrush in my bag. I am very mobile so I have to have essential things with me.
    Very good post.

  7. Now what do I have in my bag.. hmmm
    Keys, phones, baby wipes, sweets, perfume, pencil, makeup bag, ooh look, my nieces toy lool. I love your blog and your relatable easy going style. Well done.

  8. Wait a minute,something is missing.70% of babes do have a change over top or dress nicely folded in their handbags..#fact

  9. Well done. A jolly good read.
    My bag: wallet, phones, my ever precious ruby woo lipstick, wipes, hand cream, note pad, biro, powder, usb cord, sanitizer, extra biros.
    Not too much I think.

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