Creativity is the ability of a person to make something new and useful or valuable

Being a Creative Badass simply means I create content, provide services and come up with ideas that are useful and valuable.

It also means that my thinking process is critical and I am not afraid to think out of the box and ask better questions.

As a creative, I am challenged to stretch my mind, do new & exciting things, and engage in a way that takes me one step closer to reaching my full potential.

Years ago when I decided to launch my blog read How it all began, I was aiming at not just solving a problem, but offering a solution which was providing styling services, personal shopping & wardrobe consulting which i still do.

I didn’t just stop there, I went ahead and enrolled in fashion school and learnt the art of sewing which birthed my business @shop_epiphany29 on instagram,where I make ready to wear pieces at affordable rates.

Creative Badass…

Do you see where I am going with this? As a blogger and content creator, I churn out useful content laced with information that people benefit from.

I really like inscriptions and puns & I wear tees a lot, so I started a tee shirt line under my business name as well. Basically, I turn my ideas into profitable reality.

Being a creative isn’t as easy as we make it out to be. A lot of thought goes into it,nplus the continuous learning & keeping up to date with trends, algorithms, marketing strategies etc.

Here are somethings i do that help me be a creative badass.

  • I ask better questions that help me find the problems and opportunities
  • Step out of my comfort zone
  • Take chances/risks
  • Pay attention and find inspiration in things around me
  • Strategize and plan
  • Let loose and have fun
  • Join creative communities
  • I relax

All these steps help my creative juices flow.

This is where i recommend joining a community like The Bloggers Advocate. TBA was created to help creatives become the best at what they do. They provide creatives with useful resources, connect creatives to brands & clients and vice versa and more. The community is filled with amazing creatives who really know their stuff.

And that’s where I got this cool merch (the tee i’m wearing in this post)

My name is Grace Gigi and I am a Creative Badass

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Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi. Creative Director Epiphany29 | Personal style blogger | Women's wear seamstress | Personal shopper Contact me:


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