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Weekend Recap.

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Hi Loves!

On Saturday, I attended the 2nd edition of El Artista’s makeup seminar. Even though I’m not a huge fan of makeup, I’m glad I attended cos I got to learn a thing or two which I’ll share.

Topics discussed by Preye were:

  • Your Makeup Purse
  • Healthy And Safety
  • Skin Management Regime
  • Do’s And Dont’s Of Makeup
  • Brow Management and
  • Practical.

    Let me run through these topics as quickly as I can using my notes.

  • My makeup purse and makeup including application tools should be cleaned regularly.
  • A lot of bacteria is transferred back and forth from makeup to user either during direct or indirect application and from storage which could lead to acne and infections.
  • Know that funky smell you sometimes perceive from your lipgloss? Yup, that’s a build up of bacteria on the tools used or even the lipgloss itself. We were advised not to double dip while applying lipgloss. You can smear some on the back of your palm and apply from there. Same with lipstick.
  • Eye based makeup should not be used as lip makeup and vice versa as the eye makeup might not be compatible for ingestion and as the lip based makeup might not be compatible with the eyes.
  • All makeup products should be discarded after two years.

Here’s a chart on cosmetic lifespan.





4 -6 Months

12 Months

Eye shadow/Blush

18 – 24 Months

180 Months

Eyebrow Pencil

18 Months

96 Months


12 – 24 Months

120 Months

Eye/Lip Liner 18 Months

12 Months


36 Months

93 Months

So  will all the guilty ones like me kindly raise their hands..

There’s more darlings. I also learnt and was reminded that:

  • Primers are very important as they help protect the skin from the makeup we use. Primers also serve as a sunscreen as they contain (I didn’t quite write down what they contain sorry) but you can look it up. There are different types of primers for different skin types.
  • Makeup should be applied properly and taken off properly. It is not enough to use just soap to wash the face as not all of he makeup will be removed. Makeup removers, a soft facial wash clot, baby wipes etc can be used.
  • Our skin needs protection: The use of sun screens and bacterial cleansers as well as a change of pillowcase say every two weeks is ideal. Our skin needs lots of water, fruits as well as vegetables. We are advised to wash our faces morning and night as well as moisturize. Face should be scrubbed at least once a week to open up the pores and we should let our skin breathe!!!! Forget all that makeup and go bare.

A lot more interesting and insightful things were said but sadly I cannot type all. There was also the practical aspect showing us how to get our brows done properly as well as apply makeup correctly. I got there a bit late so I missed Omalicha’s (Rhythm FM’s OAP) session as well as the goody bag :-(. Louisa Kinoshi, CEO Beautyrevng (who I must say is a very delightful person) was also there and she talked to us on ‘How To MAke Money With Makeup’.



Preye – Nigeria based MUA Makeup Artist, Beauty consultant and Organizer of the seminar.







Louisa Kinoshi


It was a fun, interactive seminar and I even made a new friend. I forgot my memory card at home so my camera was useless arrrgh. Pictures were taken by @tiemokori

Then on Sunday, My friends and I went to Ember Creek for the Food-Style_Music Fair.







Outfit wasn’t planned. He was tryna jack my style lol.

It was a cool, chilled and fun environment except for the pool which was soooo disgusting. Pbnig (Porcelain Boutique), Cocohouseofscarfs, Dodo Gang and a bunch of other vendors were in attendance but I got so lazy I didn’t bother moving around and taking pictures.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did..


Grace Gigi

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