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Wedding … What I wore.


As mentioned in an earlier post, I dread attending weddings. The thought of what to wear, hair, makeup, nails being on point can be a little overwehelming for me. Arrrgh! When I got the wedding invite, I literally panicked. There was no excuse to get me out of attending this wedding and since I had no ‘wedding worthy outfit’ in my wardrobe, mum and I went dress shopping. Yaay!

We must have gone to four different stores before we found this dress. It was Love at first try .




Perfect fit, no adjusting here and there.
The color, I adore.
The lenght was exactly what I needed since I’m not too comfy showing off my legs -_- and with this harmattan if my legs turned white they would be hidden hehehe.
The sleeves. Im not keen on long sleeves but they weren’t tight or uncomfy in any way and I love the puffs at the end.
The dress came with a belt which was one less accessory to worry about. All in all, I can say the dress compliments my personal style.

The wedding was simply beeeyuteeful. I got carried away chit chatting, I forgot to take pictures of the bride and groom. *Covers face*.

Happy married life Vera & Chigbo.

What do you all think of my dress?

PS: Dress got me three new clients, whoop whoop. 🙂

Toddles darlings and have a fabulous new week.


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  1. I honestly clicked your link to look at pictures of hot chicks. Not big on fashion, but thank heavens I clicked yo, cos you look almost edible. Great color, totally suits your skin and all. The length tho :/ some deeper life should going on down there, its almost retro. I like.

  2. Apparently, a lot must be considered before picking an outfit. Sounds like too much mental work…good thing is someone else can handle all d worries #makeslifeeasy
    Stunning look, beeyuteeful color (my fav) & an amazing analysis.

  3. A lovely dress on a lovely babe! The color suits you too. The belt, on point!! The hair, makeup and sleeves; retro!!!
    Totally luv it.

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