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Wearing JOON In June …


Hey Loves!

How was your weekend? Mine was joy and fun filled. My aunt dedicated her miracle baby yesterday (Sunday) and all roads led to the RCCG Kings court in V.I and then to their house in Ajah. It was indeed an amazing Sunday.

Some 4, 5 years ago, a friend of mine put up a picture of an outfit I really liked. I asked where she got it from and to my amazement she said it was a friend of hers, JOON who made it. Wow! I was really impressed. It was a simple yet classy dress tailored to perfection. I got JOON’s pin, told her how and why I got her pin and that was it till the day she put up series of pictures on her display picture. My jaw literally dropped. The pieces were so beautiful I was tempted to buy all loool. Since I really didn’t have a reason to buy or make anything just yet, I bid my time waiting patiently, eyeing all the pieces she put on display.

A few months later, a good friend of mine invited me for his wedding. I’ve never been a fan of attending weddings, maybe cos I don’ really like to ‘dress up’ but this time around I knew exactly what I was going to wear. Even though I was in Lagos at the time and she was in Uyo (I think), she made it happen. This beeeyuteeful skirt was sent to me via courier.







image   I wear this skirt sparingly. I think I’ve worn it a total of 4 times since I got it and every time I do, people never cease to gush over how different and lovely this skirt is. I personally love the length as it hides the shoes I’m wearing (just in case I decide to wear bathroom slippers loool). Pictures don’t do justice to how beeyuteeful this skirt is. It’s a very full flowing skirt, I just didn’t spread it out like I should have for you all to see. Sooooowi.

A big thank you to my big sis for taking my pictures. I think I have found a photographer yaaaaay! 

Sidebar: For those of you with keen sense of observation (cos some of you have sent me messages lol), yes I am getting fat I know it. I intend to work on it before I’ll start rolling not walking down the road. 

You all know I’ve got mad love for y’all right?



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  1. You look beautiful as always. I love the skirt… I want the skirt… pls send the skirt ASAP…thank you * hugs and kisses* 🙂

  2. I hav wanted dis skirt since the 1st time I set my eyes on it years back and I still want it now…. Edu plssss gimme

  3. I love the intended pun in the title, nicely done!

    Note to self: “Must Sew Maxi Skirt With A Floral Border”

    Your skirt is beyond elegant, Love it.

    The side swept hairstyle is tres chic!

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