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“There are no such things as limits to growth, because there are no limits to the human capacity for intelligence, imagination, and wonder. – Ronald Reagan “

Hey loves, do you remember the post I put up titled ‘my current wishlist’? No? click here to read and update yourself while I wait patiently. Done? Awesome.

Now we may proceed. Last year (oooh I love the sound of that), I attended the Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show NNHBS (read post here) where different vendors displayed their goodies and guess who was in attendance,  Valerieblack_.


If you’ve read my wishlist post, you will understand why I was excited. I have always wanted a hand painted tee from Roc n Religion and Valerieblack_ and Roc n Religion go hand in hand #Enoughsaid.


I have several tees with stuff on them made with ankara but a hand painted tee? Now that’s Creativity!!!


I decided to wear this tee a couple of times before putting it up on the blog cos I was a bit skeptical about the paint. I thought it would run or fade after a couple of washes but I have been proven wrong.


The quality of the tee itself is very good and I love the fact that quality was put into consideration. No point spending good money on stuff that wont last right?


I had a hard time deciding on what design to get cos she sure has a lot of cool ones, but this seems to fit my style plus the fact that I imagined myself in my high puff and glasses while wearing this tee. Lol.




As always, I kept my outfit super cool and laid back. My mantra still remains ‘Keep it simple’.

PS: I’m tired of wearing jeans so I’m tilting towards joggers and skirts this year. I might even wear alot of gowns too who knows.

PPS: Notice my new template? Like it?

Who else loves them so cool handpainted tees?


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