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Valentine Look3 – Epiphany29 X Tang.

ValentineHappy Valentines day in advance loves!

This is the third and final look from the valentine collaboration with Wumi of Tang and I know I mentioned in the previous posts that I enjoyed shooting with her but I’ll just chip it in again cos I really really enjoyed shooting with her. *I enjoyed shooting with Wumi* there I said it lol.

This look can be worn for a dinner date with the boo, bae, lover, baby, whatever you people call grown men and women these days loool, I kid or even dinner with the girls. I wore this dress for a christmas wedding and blogged about it here. I changed the shoes though lol. I don’t wear alot of body con or midi dresses but the minute Wumi mentioned we should wear body con dresses, my mind immediately went to this dress. It’s super comfy and not too clingy. Wumi went for a touch of red with her purse but you all know how much I dont fancy the color red so I passed on adding a touch of red to my outfit.

I hope you all, well some of you were inspired by our outfits and can whip out something to wear for tomorrows outing if any. And for those of us who have no plans, it’s okay to dress up and sit at home you know. Let’s call it ‘self love’ hehe.

Have a wonderful valentine loves.








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  1. Hi Grace,

    You ladies look so lovely. Wumi’s heart-shaped purse is so cute, it literally has love written all over it.

    Your floral dress is right up my alley, I like the fit, length and that soft shade of blue. The floral print is very romantic and perfect for a dinner date.

    I am coming for lessons on how to serve face in photographs, you always nail it! 😀

    Have a great weekend.

  2. All three looks are 100/100. I really liked everything about your outfits and the locations. More collabos coming your way I’m sure ????

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