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Two Piece Outfit By Shop_Epiphany29 – Made In Nigeria

Two Piece Outfit By Shop_Epiphany29 – Made In Nigeria

Having a two piece outfit is like having different outfits because you can style the two-piece in different ways, with different pieces and accessories churning out a different result each time – Me.

In my last fashion post, I mentioned that I am working with and open to working with more #MadeInNigeria brands to promote these brands and get my readers to trust and patronize our local brands more.

“Nigerians buying Nigerian products is very important and it goes beyond the symbolism of wearing Nigerian-made dresses. It is important for our economy and well-being,” Prof. Osinbajo said.

Wouldn’t we like our economy to improve while we slay? Hahaha. In today’s episode of #MadeInNigeria, I am styling a two piece outfit from …. *drum roll* @shop_epiphany29.

I couldn’t imagine having this series without featuring my own brand. That would be me committing fashion treason 😑.

Two Piece Outfit…

Two Piece Outfit

Two Piece Outfit

My production process is quite unique as the styles I have all planned out always change when I go fabric shopping.

This might not necessarily be the best business wise, but it has worked for me thus far.

Each fabric speaks to me differently. They all tell their story, some have characters so strong,

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Two Piece Outfit

Two Piece Outfit

Two Piece Outfit

Two Piece Outfit

Two Piece Outfit

Kisses loves!!!

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  1. Lovely piece dearie…. I love the whole concept(comfy and chic).
    My heart wants one but my head is telling me to just admire in peace.

  2. Beautiful design, I like it. I prefer the bottom as pant, although I understand your concerns about the fabric being ‘too much’. Well done epiphany.

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