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Tulle, Tees ‘N’ Heels …

imageHey guys!

This post was totally unplanned. I was to put up a feature post today but I haven’t gotten around to it, so this goes up instead. I really need to learn how to stick to my blogging plan and schedule but hey, It’s not that deep right? Right!

Remember how I mentioned in one of my post which you can read here that I recently just got comfy wearing skirts, well I am and totally loving it. I got this cool studded tee and didn’t want to wear it with a pair of jeans. Not like I won’t ever wear it with jeans but I just wanted something different. I paired it with this beeeyuteeful aqua green tulle skirt, took a picture and sent to a friend of mine who in return said ‘ ooh no, you cant pair a tee with that kind of skirt’ huh? really? who makes these rules? I personally think all ’em fashion rules are somewhat overrated. Don’t you think?

Anyway, tulle skirts are so in right now and I’m of the opinion that they can be paired with anything. Blouses, tees, shirts, you name it. It’s the execution that counts (my 2 cents though). I didn’t think to use a belt initially but did as a last minute thought as I was leaving home. A choice I’m glad I made 🙂



Notice anything in this picture? Look cloooosely, I’m actually levitating hehehe 😉




 I’m so taken by the color of this skirt and the studs on my tee just makes the whole combination fun fun fun!

So guys, gearing up for the long weekend? I am. I’ve got stuff planned and I hope, I really hope my ‘anti-social stay at home and do nothing syndrome’ doesn’t kick in.

Toodles darlings, I’m off to twirl some more 🙂


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  1. Hey, love d skirt, trying to get used to u in heels, but u shd be able to get stuff for us if we like it or can I just obtain d skirt………..

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