Hey guys!!! Long time no post right? A lot has been happening but don’t worry, I’m going to put up a life update post soon so you guys can be up to date with what’s been going on with me.

Summer is upon us and yes yes, i know things aren’t how they used to be especially with the pandemic that has slowed so many things down, but I’ve chosen to look on the bright side and not allow it put me down.

We can still plan for the summer, get that summer body and shop for summer items and HexinFashion offers the right kind of bodysuits.

Top 5 Must Try Wholesale Bodysuit at HexinFashion

How beautiful bodysuits are to wear! I find them perfect to wear over jeans or skirts, tight or not, because of their factor in making those who wear them look thinner and fit! I love them, and today we will scroll around the HexinFashion website to do some shopping together, and create some very interesting styles in view of the summer evening outings in August, choosing some bodysuits from the wholesale bodysuit on the site!

Puffy Sleeves


Black Sheer Mesh Bodysuit

Puffy sleeves are the trend of the moment and this model in particular is really fantastic! My advice is to wear it with a not too tight skirt or undemanding pants. I would add a nice bag to all of this, and I would avoid accessories on the wrist. My advice for the feet is a pair of sandals not too high!

Mix Multiple Styles In One


Flounce Trim Sleeve Red Romper

Well yes, I did not know how to introduce this splendid body that has two styles on the shoulders! On the one hand we find the puffy sleeves like the previous model, on the other hand we have a free shoulder, therefore a model that presents two trends in one. Something special for fashion lovers! This red model must be made to shine with its own light, so my advice is to wear it with nice white trousers, which in summer is always a pleasure to wear because of the feeling of lightness it can give. Avoid prints that take light away from the bodysuit, the protagonist of your outfit is this bodysuit by HexinFashion! What about shoes? A nice pair of red high heels!

Lace Bodysuit


Army Green Bodysuit

Girls, I’m not going to dwell on how to wear this bodysuit, because there are six colours in total available on the site: black, white, red, burgundy, military green and yellow, colours with which you can create all the outfits you want and that you can to imagine! A great positive aspect is certainly the fact that there is another trend this year, namely the laces! This model is very summery indeed, and it is a garment that highlights your tan very well: absolutely appreciated therefore!

Yellow Bodysuit


Yellow high rise bodysuit

Up to now we have only talked about trends from an aesthetic point of view, without dwelling for a moment on the colours that are in trend this year, and yellow is definitely one of them! Yellow is a beautiful colour that reaches its absolute peak in summer, and that put on this top opens a wide range of possible outfits that can be created! For example, we could opt for jeans or, for those who suffer more from the heat of shorts, choose accessories with a vendange, wedge shoes or slippers!

Wide Cuff


Wide Cuff Bodysuit

Let’s not think of summer for a moment, September is not that far away (I always hope it never comes, though), so it is good to also think of something with long sleeves that is not too heavy! Combinations: Jeans and trousers for sure, as well as a slightly longer skirt, sneakers or sandals that are not too high, a bag and various accessories. Perfect outfit to go back to work, maybe even choosing some sexy bandage dresses!

So which bodysuits are you eyeing guys? I want them all !!!

Till my next post, stay you, stay beeeyuteeful 

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