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To snood or not to snood ?

I recently bought a plain snood with no idea of how or when I was going to wear it, bearing in mind that it’s crazy hot these days, so you can imagine how elated I was when I woke up this morning to slight drizzle and cool breeze. Being a Friday, I whipped out my tennis shoes, a pair of really comfy denims, a black tank top (I know I’m not supposed to wear black for a week but common *rolls eyes*)  and my snood 🙂

Here’s how I wore mine.




Knowing how our weather gets, would you wear a snood or not? If not, what else or how else would you have dressed? Leave your answers in the comment box please.

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  1. Hehehe…Yay!!! Now I know what a snood is thanks to you. I love to layer my clothes so if the weather is snood worthy, i’m asnoodin’..(allow me use the word as much as I feel like today pls). Err..wld I be getting one soon though? 😀

  2. Prior to this post I had no idea that my wrap was called a snood. Tanx for the info. I wld either wear it the way u did or wrapped round my hair .

  3. This ann sef so I never teach you wetin e be b4, will report you to Ese and Efe , be falling our hand you hear. Mw please I need new wardrobe for Peaches

  4. Didn’t knw wot I call a wrap is known as snood. Tnx 4 dis info..#snoodmood# I would do it d hair way or ur way.. Beautiful U!!

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