Traveling with kids can be pretty overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time and you are not well prepared…

You might wonder why I’m putting up a post about this. Well, last year, I traveled with my nieces and I  experienced first hand what’s involved, Plus my blog is a lifestyle blog too you know lol.

So here are a few tips & tricks to help you when traveling with kids just in case you find yourself on those long flights to USA *wink*

1. Pack Smart:

Do not over pack or pack unnecessary items. Pack mainly essentials, like their drugs, wipes, change of clothes, sweaters, etc.

2. Ensure you get to the airport say 45 minutes earlier:

Dealing with kids and luggage at the same time is no easy feat so ensure you get to the airport early enough. This helps you sort yourself out with no undue pressure. You get to check in early as well and get seats allocated in your favor.

3. Seating arrangement: 

Always seat your kid in the middle. if you’re travelling with more than one kid, seat one by the window and one in the middle. Always be at the rear, Always!

4. Bathroom breaks are a must:

Before boarding, ensure to take your kid(s) to the bathroom. Allow them go as many times as possible. If you have a child who is potty trained, id advice you still wear the child pampers just before you board.

5. Distract Them:

We all know how restless children are. Be sure to pack their favorite toys. If you have a device you can load their favorite cartoons and games on, load it up!

6. Snacks? Yes Please!

Always pack healthy snacks for them too. Nothing laced with too much sugar as you don’t want to deal with hyper children during your trip.

7. Make sure they are comfortable:

Most mothers want to dress their kids up when traveling but I would advise you dress them up in comfortable clothes and shoes. No harm in carrying a small pillow too.

8. Carry an extra shirt for yourself:

Just in case your child gets a little sick on the plane, or spills food on you and all over the place, you will definitely need that extra shirt to change into.

9. Be Friendly:

To the people around you and to the flight attendants. We don’t pray for an incident but you never can tell who might just help you during your trip.

10. Pack them their own backpacks:

If your kids are old enough, pack them a light backpack containing a few of their toys, coloring books. This makes them feel like they are part of it all.

11. Get Creative:

Yes, you packed their toys and all what not but those are items they are used to so you might want to get creative on ways to keep them entertained or busy. You could ask them to count all the people they can see on the plane.

12. Stay calm at all times:

Yelling at your kids won’t really help you when traveling. Try talking to them before hand explaining how flight trips can be. During turbulence, it is important you remain calm as this will help keep your children calm as well.

13. Flight booking:

Book your flight around your kids nap time. Trust me, this will save you a lot of stress and possible tantrums.

For more tips, Travelstart,(I have talked about them here as well) a travel agency operating cheap flights in Nigeria recently created an info-graphic showing tips on how to travel with kids, see below:

Traveling with kids

Traveling With Kids…

 I hope this posts helps you.

 Kisses loves!!!

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