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TIPS – Choosing The Right Jewelry For Different Necklines.


Finding the right accessory (Jewelry) to go with your shirt neckline or the neckline of an outfit you’ve picked out can be a bit tasking if you ask me. You might have mentally paired the desired jewelry with the outfit and it fit perfectly until you actually try it out and…

Bummer, It’s a no show. I know the feeling, so I decided to do a mini research and found the perfect cheat sheet to make the process a lot easier. I will also share some basic tips to aid the cheat sheet.

Let me first of all share with you, the different names and lengths of  jewelry.


Tips for for choosing the right jewelry for different necklines.

Even though I see some people wear chunky neck pieces with turtlenecks, it is advisable to wear long necklaces or pendants for a turtlenecks to draw the eye up and down instead of centered on your bust region.

Crew necks are perfectly suited for people with longer necks. Bib or collar necklaces are great for this neckline as it accentuates the neck line and gives it some form of illusion so the neck doesn’t look so long.

For halter tops, you should wear a long dainty pendant. This is a suitable style for people with broader shoulders.

Boatneck shirts bring definition to the shoulder line. Longer necklaces help lengthen the neckline.

For scoop neck lines, pair a statement necklace with it. This works really well for people with shorter necks.

Pair a bold collar necklace with a strapless top for some added edge. This is perfect for people with smaller chests.

To lengthen your top half, pair a v neck top with a triangular pendant necklace to match the neckline.

Wear a dainty pendant with a button up top to add some flare but not overpower the shirt.
There, all done. I hope this helps you cos it sure helps me on those mornings I’m absolutely clueless on what jewelry to pair with a certain neckline of an outfit.

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  1. Hi Grace,

    I hope your weekend went well.

    Super informative post, I really learned. Neck accessories spice up an outfit nicely so it’s useful to know the whats and hows.

    Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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