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Things we do for fun …

On those booooring Saturday and Sunday afternoons when I’ve got nothing to do, nowhere to go to and sometimes, no power, I’d go up to my room, lock my door, bring out all my clothes and start dressing up. I would pair outfits in ways I’ve never worn them before. Mix and match colors, add accessories, try on different pairs of shoes. Most times I’d sneak off to my sisters wardrobe and raid it for whatever I need hehehe and voila! outfits for the new week 🙂 (with my room looking like a battlefield).

Things we do for fun…

Well on this particular Sunday afternoon after church, I had done it all, eaten Sunday rice, taken a nap, played with my nieces and sigh the boredom was slowly creeping in so I dragged my cousin out of bed, called up a few friends, told them to come with few clothes then buzzed my family friend who is an amazing photographer…

I’m sure they all thought I was mad but they came anyway and we took loads of pictures with outfits yours truly put together.

Here are some pictures of what we did …







Girls just wanna have fun 🙂

My friends and models: Amaka @bebesenora, Ify @Ifyy_o  and Ify (yes, they are namesakes) @aurora_diva.

Photo credit: Benard Okulaja @sleekben




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