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I was skeptical about putting up this post but my sisters think I should so here goes. A friend of mine pinged me on Friday and from her messages, I could tell she was very upset. She had placed orders for some clothes on Instagram from Infinity wears account and was yet to get them. As a matter of fact, the ‘store representative’ who had been chatting with her via whatsapp had blocked her. Sigh!

I could relate with her pain cos this same thing had happened to me late last year. I lost quite a sum of money to an account named Trump_collections and boy! I know how I felt. I felt so stupid, asking myself how I didn’t see that coming but the truth is, it could happen to anyone.

I decided to check out the Infinity wears account and also added them up on whatsapp and acted like I wanted to purchase some items. You all know the routine now, screen grab the items you want and send. I did all that and after 3 hours of the representative forming busy and attending to other customers, we calculated and my bill came to N10,000.

Delivery: I was told my items  would be delivered  via transport services. I was to say which would be convenient for me depending on my location and delivery would be 3-5 days after payment. My location, Lagos, theirs, Port Harcourt. Hmmm how convenient as they had told my friend they were in Lagos since she was in Calabar. Strike One.

I asked that the items be delivered to an address in Port Harcourt and payment would be made upon delivery but the response I got was ‘No, Payments are made before delivery’ Shaky Strike two as most online stores accept payment on delivery. I agreed and an account number was sent to me 🙂 I stalled for a little while and all of a sudden, the sales rep was no longer as busy. Strike Three. He/She kept asking if payment had been made and If I was going to do a bank transfer or deposit in the bank. As it was past banking hours, I said bank transfer and that I had issues transferring the money. I later sent a message saying payment had been made and ooooh dear! the messages came rolling in.’Thank you very much, did you use instant payment, have you been debited, we haven’t gotten an alert yet?’ Strike Four! why so eager na? lol

Sigh! I confirmed that I had been debited and they would get an alert shortly as network might be an issue and that I would like to order for more items to which they replied ‘How nice’. You all can tell that by now I was having a good laugh. Anyway, while He/She was waiting for credit alert, at about 10:30 pm, I sent them a message asking them to wait for weekend money and how I knew they were a scam and that people were onto them bla bla bla. I woke up the next day and I had been blocked too. Loool I went on Instagram and the account was no longer there. Who knows, He/She might have changed their account name to something else.

So guys, let’s all be very careful. These people are real and it’s quite sad cos there are so many real accounts on Instagram who sell clothes, accessories an other items, and this could ruin business for them. These fake accounts put up really nice items and lure people by tagging very reasonable amounts on their items.  Ever since it happened to me last year, I have become extremely concious. I don’t bother with those who do not accept payment on delivery no matter how much I like the item. I like my money more abeg! I will put up a post on the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping much later.

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