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Talk Thursday || Meet Othello.

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Hi there…

Have you met Mr Othello? I’m sure 1 out of every 10 people reading this must have, but had/have no clue that what they were or in some cases are still faced with is called ‘Othello’.

Othello Syndrome is a type of delusional jealousy, marked by suspecting a faithful partner of infidelity, with accompanying jealousy, attempts at monitoring and control, and sometimes violence. The problem is named for Shakespeare’s Othello, who murdered his beautiful wife Desdemona because he believed her unfaithful.- Source

The Othello Syndrome is more prominent in males and can occur by itself, or in the course of schizophrenia, alcoholism or drug addiction e.g. Cocaine.

Ladies, ever dated a guy who called you 20 times in one day asking where you were and you thought it was the ‘oooh he loves me and is missing me terribly syndrome’? Well you thought wrong. Or that guy who wouldn’t give you breathing space even at events? Yup that’s him. As it gets worse, he begins to accuse you of being unfaithful yet has no proof. Hmmm. He becomes an unofficial CIA agent, snooping around, always checking your phones, emails, your purse even your clothes. As the crase worsens (yes I think it’s part of crase), he begins to imagine whiffs of male perfume on you. He can even go as far as accusing you of having of an affair with your own brother all cos he’s too blinded by this ugly ‘disease’ called Othello.

In most cases, the Othello guy results to beating the woman not only blue and black, but all the shades in the color spectrum. He monitors your every movement and will pounce on you the minute he feels you’ve been up to something. The crazy part is, he tends to blame you for his crazy behaviour.

With an Othello guy, you dare not blink when a guy walks past you. He will probably say you were winking at the guy and be sure to receive a beating once you get home. Are you aware that with an Othello, you are not entitled to alone time or time out with the girls. I mean, how do you explain it to Mr Othello that you were truly with the girls. Good luck with that. He is overly clingy and believes he owns you. Very unhealthy if you ask me.

I have met a girl who in my opinion dated an Othello, she claimed it was love that’s why he was the way he was. He would beat her what Kay calls ‘Don’t be silly beating’, yet she would say it’s cos he loves her. Biko if that’s love, I don’t want. It took her family sending her to London before the relationship was called off. I wonder what would happen if the guy decides to travel as well.

Ladies, please if you are currently dating an Othello, kindly pack your load and run for your dear lives as such people are not stable and such a relationship is unhealthy and fatal..

It would interest you to know that we also have Mrs Othello. Oh yes we do. Let’s call her the ‘Drama Queen’… All hail Queen Othello.

Ever dated or met an Othello? Please share your experience using the comment box.

Cheers darlings…


Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi

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  • Tiffy says:

    Hmm my sisters, I dated one o.. There was no breathing space at all, he would even want to follow me to the rest room, dat thing na bondage i swear. My eyes don clear tho

  • elsie says:

    Hmmm educating nice piece dear.. I ve a friend who dates Mr othello a very practical example of all u said in dis post. she rilly has to see this write up. Kip it up gigi!!!

  • Akeem says:

    Lol! Thank God for my life….. Never dated one but hmmmmm had a friend that showed the tendency ?

  • efegigi says:

    may God not allow such a man in my life. Amen. Complex issue.

  • Nedoux says:

    Very enlightening analogy.

    “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time” -Maya Angelou.

    I’m adding to that quote “… and when an Othello advances on you one way, you must use your brain and flee seven ways” 😀

  • It is sad that most girls get brain-washed by these kind of men and most times after gaining enlightenment about this still prefer to “stand by their men” through what they call a phase he will out grow with time. Fact is he never will!

    Dated a girl who once came out of such. She was always careful and scared. Poor thing. Needless to say, I showed her a brand new amazing side to the man-folk she thought only existed in chic flicks. 😉

    If you know one going through this, don’t hassle them about getting out of this. Instead go slow and pray for them as well. They’ll need a lot of those.

    Chics too suffer from this syndrome as well, so guys aren’t the only ones! Theirs might not be as forceful as seen in men but rather subtle in some cases; always going through his messages, glaring at other girls that look his way innocuously, monitoring his calls and call log e.t.c

    The good Lord deliver us all!

  • DESOLA MAKO says:

    hahaa.. Alot of them are on the Jerry springer show.

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