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Talk Thursday || Laced Boots Always…

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Hey darlings, I know I usually post around 12noon, 1pm but something beyond my control happened and I am sorry about the late post but here I am and so is Talk Thursday 

Like I said in my last two posts on ‘Talk Thursday’, this segment is open to everyone and a reader decided to send in a post I really like. It got me thinking and I’m super glad I can share her post here for you all to read and tap into.

Here goes:

I recall a training session I handled a while back, I asked my colleagues at work, “if you weren’t here, what would you be doing? I mean, what if you came to work and for some reason, your password had been recalled and you had been sacked over night, what would you do? They began to look at me like I was asking the type of question WAEC asked me in 1999. Hmmm, I don’t know oh, Na Wa oh, I have never thought about it, come to think of it, I just wake up and come to work, some even said God forbid bad thing”. These were the responses I got. Every one had something to say, either verbal or non verbal. When they were done answering in different ways and forms, I simply said every one was created to excel at a particular thing. When you are alone, in your space, having your me time. ( I’m hoping we all have our reflection time) what truly does our heart and mind tell us we should be doing? What does our heart nudge us into doing. It’s that particular job/ activity we are most happy with and In many cases, all things been equal, we make a successful living from( all things being equal). I know a few people who have their boots Laced always, ready to go and they are on top of their game. These are people who read different courses in the university and some of them veered off into things they found their passion in, things that make them happy and yes, they are excelling. I’m truly delighted to share these people with you.


Annastasia Ogbewele. Industrial Mathematician/ Accountant.


Biodun Ibrahim. CEO Oduns Fabrics.


Busayo Jetawo. CEO Pawsh Hair/ Montessori Directress.


Anthonia Ejoh. Human Resource GE/ Blogger.


Oluwatoyin Atande. Brand and sales manager at LKA fabrics. Official partner of Vlisco in Nigeria.


Nancy Okay. On Air Personality.


Barrister Michael Ogbewele. Music Director/ Preacher.


Peace Ebiuwhe. CEO Style Mee Zita.


Thompson Uloko. CEO Kube fashion.


Alli Balogun Lekan. CEO Halliview.


Me. Lover of children/ Montessori directress/ Writer/ Blogger.

Keeping in mind that God blesses the works of our hands, can you honestly answer the question asked above with certainty in your hearts? Are you ready to hit the ground running if the unexpected happens? Are you boots laced always?

I know for sure that I am…

With love, Omozafe.

Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi

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  • Grace Gigi says:

    Growing up I wanted to be an IT guru so I went ahead and read computer science in the university (nothing wrong with that). I even have a certification in networking as well as project management but here I am years later, a personal shopper, wardrobe consultant, fashion and life style blogger cos I realised that my love for clothes, shopping and styling people was waaay stronger than that of IT. *shines teeth*

  • toomuchmoni says:

    Truly inspiring!! GOD bless you plenty

  • efegigi says:

    Lol, from d get go. Well from university, i had always known I was created to do what I do now, before then, hmmm, hair dresser, civil servant, inshort anything that didn’t involve mathematics and yes I’m still running from maths except it involves

  • Anthonia says:

    Loving this post. Thanks Zafe for celebrating us and reminding us all never to forget our core purpose and passion in life.

  • Aisha says:

    I have tried to answer that question over and over.. Still trying to.

  • ann says:

    Yeahhhhhh. I’m on the net. I’m a celeb now. For Wat it’s worth, do wat makes u happy. We get this one shot at life. It MUST make sense to you at least.

    • HALLY B says:

      A thought provoking question you asked and sooner or later reality will stares us all in the face …but it shouldn’t be too late before we realize … I always like to share my career Mantra

      1…. Go to School ( scholar )

      2….,Get a Job (Employment)

      3…..Self Employment

      4….Business Owner

      5 ..Investor / Philantropist.

      It’s our responsiblity to put a timeline on each stages.

      But often time we get stuck on stage 2 for fear of unknown .

      But my advice is that YOU take plunge , follow your passion and you will laugh last.

      HALLY B

  • chidi banks says:

    Well,I studied linguistics in school (English major),I hv a degree in human psychology yet I manage a nightclub … real passion has always been entertainment and hospitality…. I’m at my best when I do any of these (depending on the owner of the establishment )…I love my job BUT I constantly cnt help imagining 101 ways to kill my boss…yes I said it…sue me loool

  • Chuks says:

    Cool! And it takes great courage to leave security for the uncertainties of chasing the dream.

  • odun says:

    Thk God I got my laced boot*wink*

  • Toyin A says:

    Thanks Zafe for this lovely piece and for celebrating us. As a graduate with two degrees in civil engineering and chemistry, never thought I would end up being a marketer, I knew I love selling but as a profession Naah! but in the end it’s all about “FINDING YOURSELF”.. I joined this organization JCI in my final year, God bless the day I made this decision because looking back I have achieved quite unimaginable things because the organization and my late mentor Oyebanjo Okunuga made me find that zeal for marketing and branding that was hidden in me. Till date my dad doesn’t agree to my profession, he calls me “my engineer” but what I’m constructing is a future in branding and marketing. Started out with no intention to make money but to learn as much as I can about marketing even tho I believe I have certain skills in it. But no employee wants an inexperience marketer. Went out of my way to do free internship and my first pay is nothing to write about. But don’t count the things you do but do the things that count. Volunteer works also added up to the experience until I got this opportunity and surpassed all expectations at all level. Where you are today isn’t dictating the outcome of what your life and your career is destined to be.. It’s all up to YOU .. Be FOCUS, COURAGEOUS, FEARLESS, have a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE, DREAM BIG, surround yourself with people of like minds and NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!

    Toyin A.

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