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Taking Stock || Outfit Post…

Taking stock


Hello September. I’m so glad you’re here. The year end is fast approaching and I must confess I am a tad bit scared and excited at the same time…

Taking stock

Taking stock is a thing that is gradually growing on me. I’m not sure I’ve been consistent with it on the blog but I have on my journal. The process helps me evaluate/re evaluate my growth, journey, progress, whatever you want to call it.

Taking stock

Taking stock: I have been…

Wanting: I have been wanting a gameboy since forever. I know its old school and stores probably dont sell them anymore but I want one, and a 160/180GB Ipod.

Feeling: Indifferent towards alot of things and people lately. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing but…

Listening: to alot of country music as well as a couple of Naija songs (never paid them any attention) and Im loving pana by Tekno.

Taking stock

Perfecting: My sewing skills. I bought a sewing machine, so I’m always at it practising (not as often as I know I should though).


Slacking: On my blogging. I would have gone ahead and blamed it soley on the fact that my lens is broken, but before that happened I was already slacking. Sucks!

Wearing: Makeup! I actually bought myself makeup brushes, foundation, blush, ahan almost the whole works. This is def a phase I know. Never really been big on makeup.

Taking stock

Trying: To stop drinking soda and to get out of this funk I find myself in when it comes to blogging and really…

Hoping: To do more reviews and collaborations in the nearest future.

Reading: Absolutely nothing. Well except for one book called “Fine boys” that took me forever to finish (blame it on the funk mood).

Thankful: for my life always…

What have you all been up to?

Kisses loves!!!

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  1. Hello Epiphany,always a pleasure to read your write ups. I relate with you on many fronts. I’m so grateful to God too for His mercies and listen girl,have no fears for the end of the year holds more that is good and godly for you than the earlier part, in Jesus’ name

  2. I love this dress on you!! Take your time hun but don’t stay too long in the phase. Can’t wait to see what you make with that machine!!!ohh and your makeup experiments, maye you should blog on that.


  3. Hi September. I’ve been writing my books and getting ready to go back to school. So excited. Everything is perfect because of Jesus christ.

  4. I really really like the dress and wondering if you made it yourself.

    SODA CRUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! My people just can’t understand why I still play Candy and Soda Crush. I only play rarely now though, but still.

    Instead of makeup, I’ve been shifting to less makeup but more beauty and skincare products – oils, scrubs, masks, etc.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. Been low key eyeing this dress since I saw it on I totally understand this mood you’re in coz I experienced it for almost a year. Nearly lost myself but thank God for God and a few good friends. Just hold on strongly to God and He’ll make it go away.
    I’ve been wanting to learn sewing but I’m an olodo when it comes to maths and then I wonder how I’ll cope with measurements and all. You’re doing great Gracie. My August wasn’t the best but I believe it can only get better.
    Have a sweet September.

    1. Loool. I know ure def not an olodo when it comes to maths. Before now, I never had any interest in sewing nor had I ever gone to a tailor to sew before. Its all determination love.

  6. Girl I love your shoes!!!!! And we are legion in this phunk feeling thing o, i try not to think about it too much i know it will pass soon. Also i love this taking stock idea it helps you focus on the present finna try it soonest.

    You look great as always……xxx

  7. Best wishes for September!

    I’ve read Fine Boys, really good book.

    I love how you paired your faux shirt with this cold shoulder shift. You’ve made the floral print look so appealing. 🙂

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