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Taking Stock || Outfit Post…

By September 1, 2016August 18th, 201724 Comments

Taking stock


Hello September. I’m so glad you’re here. The year end is fast approaching and I must confess I am a tad bit scared and excited at the same time…

Taking stock

Taking stock is a thing that is gradually growing on me. I’m not sure I’ve been consistent with it on the blog but I have on my journal. The process helps me evaluate/re evaluate my growth, journey, progress, whatever you want to call it.

Taking stock

Taking stock: I have been…

Wanting: I have been wanting a gameboy since forever. I know its old school and stores probably dont sell them anymore but I want one, and a 160/180GB Ipod.

Feeling: Indifferent towards alot of things and people lately. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing but…

Listening: to alot of country music as well as a couple of Naija songs (never paid them any attention) and Im loving pana by Tekno.

Taking stock

Perfecting: My sewing skills. I bought a sewing machine, so I’m always at it practising (not as often as I know I should though).


Slacking: On my blogging. I would have gone ahead and blamed it soley on the fact that my lens is broken, but before that happened I was already slacking. Sucks!

Wearing: Makeup! I actually bought myself makeup brushes, foundation, blush, ahan almost the whole works. This is def a phase I know. Never really been big on makeup.

Taking stock

Trying: To stop drinking soda and to get out of this funk I find myself in when it comes to blogging and really…

Hoping: To do more reviews and collaborations in the nearest future.

Reading: Absolutely nothing. Well except for one book called “Fine boys” that took me forever to finish (blame it on the funk mood).

Thankful: for my life always…

What have you all been up to?

Kisses loves!!!

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