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Wearing JOON In June …


Hey Loves!

How was your weekend? Mine was joy and fun filled. My aunt dedicated her miracle baby yesterday (Sunday) and all roads led to the RCCG Kings court in V.I and then to their house in Ajah. It was indeed an amazing Sunday.

Skirt Series || RED.


Hi darlings, it’s day 4 of the skirt series yaaay!

One more day to go and I must confess I’ve had fun with the skirt series. I didn’t even know I had quite a good number of skirts.

Skirt Series || Purple Love.

imageHappy children’s day loves!

Amidst the N200- N500 per litre drama, the hiked transportation fares, the no power (well that one isn’t a today issue sha) and all the wahala going on, I still say Happy Children’s day to all the kids out there and to you, you and you reading this right now cos despite it all, we are alive and can pray for a better tomorrow plus me I’m still my parents child, so… Happy Children’s day to me too.



Hi darlings!

 These days, when I’m bored I take to instagram to kill time till something better comes along. I hope it’s just a phase cos it’s not like my to-do list is all checked but laziness won’t allow me get to the things I’ve planned 🙁

*insert deep procrastination quote here*

Character Tees X Something Blue.


I have an obsession with character tees. My absolute favourites are hello kitty, sponge bob and recently, minions lol. No, I do not think they are childish. To me, they are super cute, fun and can be worn with almost anything and everything.

Monochrome …

image                           Hey Darlings!

Missed me?  Well even if you didn’t, I missed all of you. I haven’t put up a post since cos like every other blogger, I have blogging headaches too like having no one to take my pictures et al, plus I   haven’t really been in the ‘blogging mood’ too so 🙁

Tulle, Tees ‘N’ Heels …

imageHey guys!

This post was totally unplanned. I was to put up a feature post today but I haven’t gotten around to it, so this goes up instead. I really need to learn how to stick to my blogging plan and schedule but hey, It’s not that deep right? Right!

Strutting In Tie & Dye …


Hey Hey Hey!

I woke up super excited. I still haven’t placed why though, but I’m sure it will come to me sooner than later. Or it could simply just be the fact that I am learning how to appreciate life more? Hmmm who knows.

Anyway guys, notice anything different? Yup! I’m wearing a dress!!!

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