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“Like every other storm, this too shall pass for I will not lose my faith in you God”.

– Gracey







The minute I got this sweatshirt, I immediately thought of pairing it with a pencil skirt. Most people tend to wear theirs with jeans or joggers but that’s so clichè. What’s the point if we cant be creative with this thing called ‘Fashion’ right?

I must confess that it’s a size or two bigger than what I would normally wear and waiting to fix it might take forever, and I had time to shoot the look, so I decided to fold in the lower band and belt it causing that peplum effect. Picking this skirt was a no brainer as it compliments the colors on the sweatshirt.

I’m pretty excited it’s been raining because the heat we have been experiencing is worse than the worst nightmare you’ve ever or will ever have. (Point made?) and it gives me the opportunity to wear cool pieces like this one.

We all have different sense of style so I’d like to read your thoughts on how I styled this outfit and how you would style yours.

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