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Superman can’t save us all.


Superman, Despite his super strength, ability to fly, x-ray vision, firm build, chiselled jaw, baby blue eyes to die for and a lot of other superpowers, he still can’t save us all.

I’m sure he would love to if he could but truth is, he just can’t. He may possess super sonic speed that enables him save three people from falling off a cliff but what happens if there are like a 100 people falling off a cliff? I bet he would call on his superhero buddies to help.

What if they don’t show up fast enough? or what if they are busy saving other people? What then? Superman would be left in a dilemma right? What if he knows say 70 of the people in distress, would that mean he would save them and let the rest die?

I bet at night he as Clark Kent fights unseen battles with himself. Beating himself up about not being able to save the world. Furious at the fact that the villains sometimes win.

Human n superhero limitations. But the good news is there’s a superhero who can do all Superman does and more. He can save a 100 people and more from falling of a cliff, he can still waters, he can raise the dead. He doesn’t need backup you know, and the unseen battles he fights is on our behalf. With him, the villains never win. They tremble and flee at the sound of his name, they cower in his presence. They are simply no match for him.

My superhero – God!!!

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  1. Very nice analogy, Gracey.

    I should add this, God doesn’t have a weakness, he’s constantly there for us, always strong enough to carry us all. Superman has a weakness- Kryptonite 😀

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