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Styling The Baby Doll Dress & Feeling Girlie…


Hi Darlings

TGIF! Right. I am excited for other reasons and can’t wait for Sunday.

I must say that I am grateful for the constant love you all show me on and off the blog. It’s truly amazing, and I must say, you guys are the real MVPs.

Baby doll dress

I’ve never been big on wearing dresses let alone short ones, but I have been and I’m still on a mission to step out of my comfort zone.

It has been a scary, exhilarating and interesting journey all at the same time, but I’m loving every minute of it.

I have pushed myself in ways I never thought I would or could. Keep reading you will find out how.

Baby doll dress

Baby doll dress

I wore this baby doll dress to the NNHBS event last year *read post here* (I know this post should have gone up since right?) But I believe posting it now is the right time.

Baby doll dress

Baby doll dress

I fell in love with this baby doll dress the moment my sister showed it to me. The colour, how fun and free it is and I immediately knew I was going to pair it with sneakers.

I wore a black tank top inside to create a double strap look and to conceal my bra straps lol. I must say I was super comfy throughout the event and had no cause to adjust #Goals.

Now to why I said I have pushed myself in ways I never thought I would. I attended fashion school last year which took me by surprise because prior to then, I have never bought nor taken fabrics to a tailor to make an outfit.

Any sewn outfit I have was either given to me by my sis or mum went to the tailor and made something for me with her remaining Fabric.

So imagine my joy learning how to sew. Wow!!! I have made a couple of outfits for myself and a few days ago, I made this baby doll top. See why I said posting now is the right time? ?

Baby doll dress

Baby doll dress

This top is available in different fabrics and I’m about to make dresses like the one I’m wearing too. So if you like it and are interested, please send me an email:

PS: Your dreams can become realities if you persist… Me

Kisses loves!!!

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  1. I am super happy your blog is back on. Was scared for a min. I really love the color of this dress and how you styled it. Very fun and very you lol.
    I also like the fact that you took that bold step to learn how to sew. The sky is your starting point. Well done girl, you rock!

  2. I love everything about this post. From the color of the dress to your smile to you chasing your dream. Well done

  3. Gracie can sew whoop whoop. I am definitely making a dress. I love the baby doll dress and how you styled it.

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