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It sure feels good to be back to work yes? *dodges rotten eggs*. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break. Don’t worry, May will soon be here and there will be more holidays.

I tried my hands on DIY here and I am mighty proud of myself if I do say so myself. I turned an old shirt into a choker shirt and promised you all a post on how I styled it, so here I am styling choker shirt and keeping my promise. 10 points for Gracie…

Styling choker shirt…styling choker shirt

I initially wanted to cut open just the neck part of this shirt, but after watching a gazillion and ten you tube videos, I opted for the choker shirt. Even though I am personally not a huge fan of the choker trend, I still admire it on some people.

I think it can come off as chic if styled properly, plus I have the option of leaving my first two buttons open when I get tired of the ‘choking’ feeling lol.

I have always loved the idea of DIYs but I have been super lazy to try my hands out on any which is such a shame. But the good news is, I am now so obsessed with watching you tube videos these days, and I have a lot of shirts to spare, so yes to more DIYs.

styling choker shirt

I opted for a different pair of pants initially, but went with these slim fitting jeans because my boo Hazelmilo and my cousin hated the initial pair of pants I wanted to wear. Hi haters!  But their suggestion proved to be better than mine so thanks haters! 

I casually threw on a pair of these reflector shades, my two tone brogues, and my drama bag and I was good to go. I strongly believe in defining style and not letting style define you. Makes sense, yes?


styling choker shirt

styling choker shirt

styling choker shirt


styling choker shirt

styling choker shirt

What are your thoughts on this DIY and the choker shirt trend? Kindly share using the comment box below.


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