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Stop Picking, Start Healing…

By September 22, 2016December 29th, 201710 Comments

Stop picking

Last night, I lay in bed unconciously picking at a wound (it used to be a little wound), my mind far away in wonderland, when the pain of what I was doing brought me back to reality…
I had picked at it too hard, peeled the surface of the ‘now not so little wound’, reopening it, a little blood came out and boy did it hurt!!! …

This is one bad habit I have. I tend to bother wounds alot. I don’t care if It will eventually leave black spots on my skin, or the fact that It would take a longer time to heal, I just keep picking.

And then I thought about it and realised it’s the same way I pick(ed) at emotional wounds, reopening and re living them, causing myself unnecessary pain and prolonging the time I take to heal.

Now why would I go and do that. Didn’t  the initial pain hurt enough already that after say months, I go back to it? I give room for the same people from past friendships & relationships gone bad to worm their way back into my life and cause more pain. In some cases, I dont even let them in, I hold on to whatever happened and dwell and dwell and dwell, often blaming myself even when I shouldn’t.

Typing this I feel like giving myself a good smack up side my head cos I realised (the hard way) that this bad habit tends to prevent me from seeing and enjoying current friendships & relationships.


People dont need all that negative vibe you know. So there! Ive decided to stop picking. My healing has begun and yes I may be tempted to pick once more but nah, I’m determined not to because this habit just isnt healthy plus it almost cost me a friendship I really cherish. Imagine that!!!

So if youre just like me (the old me), I urge you to please stop picking and start healing…


Kisses loves!!!

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