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Are You A Smart Money Woman?

Are You A Smart Money Woman?

I’m strutting into the month of June like yo fam! ? I bet with all the DIYs flying around, you all thought I had forgotten about Talk Thursday right?!

Smart money woman… 

No way!  Talk Thursday is live and today, I would like to know how many smart money women we’ve got.

I read this book a little while ago and it occured to me before reading this book, I wasn’t exactly a smart money woman and I will explain why.

Like Zuri and alot of other women I know who earn(ed) a salary, I had the tendency to spend more than I should have even before the salary hit my account.

I didn’t really have nor work with a budget and my savings was nothing to write home about.

Shopping for things I didn’t need became so enticing. I mean, with the assurance that I was going to get paid the following month it was easy to spend money and manage till next pay day.

Did I have a business on the side fetching me extra income? NO! Neither did I have a sharing ratio plan for the salary earned. #FinancialSuicide.

Seems, I got too comfortable forgetting that I could either quit or lose my job and have practically nothing to fall back to until something else came my way.

Or maybe I didn’t forget but the belief that none of the above would happen became what I strongly believed in.

Spoiler alert!!! I quit my job and two months after I did, I was dead broke!?

After brooding and all,  it was time to restrategize so, I went ahead and turned my passion for fashion into something profitable.

I learnt how to sew,(I have started accepting orders o), revived my personal shopping service and launched an online accessory business (you all should pls check out @pins&clips on Instagram).

Now I know better and I’m alot smarter. I haven’t exactly earned a stable salary this year but for every income I get, I set aside my tithe, a % as savings, a % for my business, a % as miscellaneous and I don’t shop on impulse any longer.

I now have a budget I adhere to. Yes, it’s tough and all but trust me, being broke is tougher.

Are you a smart money woman or are you struggling financially? Please share your experience(s) using the comment box below.

Someone who cares about me sent me this book so I in turn would like to spread the love as well.


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  1. Happy New Month Dear!!
    I’e been saving this year because broke days are real and not friendly, they like to come as a thief in the night lol and i stopped shopping on impulse too ( well except the one time i had to get a dress that was on sale and a purse lol) but really, i’m about keeping my money!
    Please send me the book, thanks!

  2. Read this book in like one day, I must say it opened my eyes to things that weren’t really clear. Now I’m smarter about my money. Launched a co-operative and looking for investment opportunities. I must say this book made me a smart money woman.

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