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Skirt Series || Purple Love.

imageHappy children’s day loves!

Amidst the N200- N500 per litre drama, the hiked transportation fares, the no power (well that one isn’t a today issue sha) and all the wahala going on, I still say Happy Children’s day to all the kids out there and to you, you and you reading this right now cos despite it all, we are alive and can pray for a better tomorrow plus me I’m still my parents child, so… Happy Children’s day to me too.

 It’s day three of the skirt series and I’m super duper pleased with myself for doing this. This is me coming out of my comfort zone cos like the wise ones say, comfort zones limit people, their creativity ati be be lo. For more quotes on comfort zone, go to Google.

Today, I’m wearing a cream skirt (yes it’s cream not white) and I chose this purple top to add a pop of color to the outfit. Again, I would have preferred heels but we all know why I’m sticking to flats.




imageimageErrr, pardon the quality of the pictures please. It’s really not easy taking pictures when I’m at work. With that said, do something nice for a child today, buy some candy or ice cream if you can and put a smile on a lucky child’s face.



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  1. Looking good and happy too girl. I like your sense of style. Simple yet nice. Happy Children’s day to you too and ure so pretty.

  2. Pls send d ice cream my way, I’m a child forever, I like d blouse a lot, d skirt wld be nicer wid heels, ankle heels. As fashion police, 7/10 ok like I d chain so 8/10.

  3. You keep raising the bar post by post..Beeyuteeful job darling. & yea, happy children’s day to you daughter. xoxo

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