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Skirt Series || Gold.


Hey Hey Hey!

This is day 2 of the skirt series and day I’ve lost count concerning the fuel situation. It’s really a sad situation and all we can do is pray. Pray and hope for a better tomorrow.


I’m pretty excited about the skirt series ‘cos like I mentioned in my post yesterday, I prefer wearing pants and jeans, so this has got me digging into my wardrobe looking for skirts.

I bought this ‘Gold’ skirt some months ago from konga, unaware that it was attributed to any fashion line until Sayedero Enytan of The Fashion Engineer mentioned it in her post here. I bought it ‘cos I like the color and the black lace detail on it. Very different from any of the skirts I own.




imageimageI know wearing heels with this outfit would have been perfect but sadly, I sprained my left ankle yesterday so its flats till the ankle heals and the pain subsides.  🙁 Bummer!

After reading Sayederos post on the Gold fashion line, I decided to check out what they have on Konga and boy, was I impressed. You can go see for yourself as well by clicking  here.

So it’s two days down, three more to go. I’m sure I can keep up.

Sidebar: Look who got her hair ‘did’ 



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  1. Love the colour. You look GOOD in skirts. Well I have said that before. Sorry about your ankle. By d way, lovely hair too.

  2. I think women look beta in female clothing, that’s why I’m tilting to dresses and skirts
    Looking good gal, sorry abt ur ankle.

  3. I love the skirt, similar to mine (although it is black lace with cream underlining and it was sewn by a tailor)
    I like your hair pulled to the back, pretty.

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