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I’ve been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear. 

~Author Unknown
fashion_shopping_girls_illustration_bag-r1fc703bfe6094611b2c9ba131790187a_v9wtl_8byvr_512Hey loves! Today, I am sharing a short post on how to shop on a budget. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to look good you know.

I remember when I’d run into trouble financially all cos of my love for clothes and fashion *face palming myself*. It didn’t take me too long to curb this bad habit. One look at my account and my savings and I knew something needed to be done. I decided to start shopping on a budget. Listed below are some tips I go by and I thought to share with you all.

Buy Basic Colors. It’s advisable to buy clothes in basic colors like black, blue, khaki and white. These colors can be paired with anything and everything.

Buy your shoes and belts, That go with most of the clothes in your wardrobe. You can buy one or two pairs with a pop of color to add that extra edge to your outfit every now and then.

Shop Smarter, Not Harder. If your goal in life is to save money, but look fashionably fabulous, then you have to be smart about shopping. It’s very easy to figure out a plan, know what you need, and buy it within a reasonable price. It takes patience. There are so many resources out there that will make fashion shopping on a budget easy and fun!

Always have a shopping list with you of things you don’t have but need in your wardrobe.
Always prepare a list before leaving the house. Check your wardrobe for what you already have and what you are missing. Eliminate essential wardrobe pieces that look old, worn and out of style with new ones. Put that item on your shopping list.
So instead of impulse shopping, you can spend your bucks on stuff you really need

Do I Love it Or Do I Need it? This is one rule I abide by when I shop. I only buy what I actually need which I’d love of cos and what I will actually wear. It helps me with those compulsive purchases, cos I realised that in the past, I would buy something only cos I loved it and end up dumping it in my wardrobe for months. Most times I end up giving out the item with the tag still on it. Waste of good money if you ask me.

Know A Good Tailor. I figured that I don’t have to buy everything I see and like. With the help of a good tailor, I could simply buy a similar fabric and replicate the outfit. If the tailor is affordable, you end up spending less and you with a tailor, you can always tweak the outfit to your own exact taste.

Sales! Sales! Sales!!!. A lot of stores have massive sales especially during different seasons. You can save up and wait for stores to start their sales then buy the same items and more for even less money. You can sign up on most online stores for their email alerts. They will literally deliver the deals to your inbox. You’ll get sale notices, special coupon codes, and exclusive offers that the general public might not get. The only downside, depending on the store, your inbox might feel a little spammed. But, it could be worth it in the end! have newsletters, you can simply sign up and be kept updated of activities concerning the store.

Buy less, but the good stuff. Instead of buying three shirts (quantity), buy a really nice one and wear it over a long time. Now that’s quality.

Buy solid color and plain clothes instead of printed clothes. Solid colored clothes are way easier to combine with other clothes and you do not get tired of them as quickly as printed clothes. Trust me on this one.

Do not be afraid to visit thrift (vintage) stores: Aha! One of my favourite points. This is probably where you’re going to get the best deals. Yes, the items are used, but so what! Nothing a good wash or dry cleaning can’t fix. People want to get rid of their stuff, you might even be able to negotiate too! The items usually go for ridiculously amazing prices. Think of thrift shopping this way, It’s goes to your closet and not the landfill. It’s fashionable recycling! *wink*

Think Long And Hard. Are you really sure you want to buy that outfit you’re drooling over? Think carefully. Will it be outdated quickly? Can you wear it with at least three more garments in your wardrobe? Can you dress it up and down? Can you combine it with other clothes so that you can wear it over and over?

Vary your style with accessories. Be it scarves, bracelets, earrings and necklaces., you decide.  These items spice up your outfits in various ways.

I do hope these tips help. Please share your own tips if any when it comes to shopping or are we many who just buy everything we see and love? Ooooh I’m claiming the right to be excused from that group now.

Lots of love…



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