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Shanyi organics

It’s been three days since my last post and for someone who plans on being consistent, I think this is a good start right?…

It just occured to me that I forgot to mention in this post that Shanyi Organics sent me a goody bag containing their Deep Cleansing Herbal Tea and Moisturizing Milk Shake products to try out.

I must say these goodies came right on time as I just took out my braids and all my natural hair products have finished.

Lets get straight into the review shall we.

Shanyi Organics…Shanyi organics

After loosening my hair, I sectioned it into four to make the washing process easier, then grabbed the deep cleansing herbal tea.

Shanyi organics


Deionized water, Sapindus Mukorossi (soap nuts) extracts, African black soap, Moringa Oleifera (Moringa) extract, Acacia Concinna (Shikakai) extract, Mefelava Alternifolia (Tea tree) essential oil, Vitamin E oil, Salicyclic acid, Optiphen plus (preservative).

How to use; 

Apply to wet hair, lather and massage at the root to stimulate the scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

I did exactly as instructed and the outcome was amazing. My hair felt really clean, light and soft. All the products I applied to my hair while in braids were stripped off but my hair didn’t feel dry.

Shanyi organics

Then I proceeded to apply the Moisturizing Milk Shake on my hair.


Deionized water, Coco Nucifera (Coconut) extract, Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis (Hibiscus) Leaf extract, Magnifera Indica (Mango) seed butter, Aleo Vera leaf juice, Simmondisa Chinesis (Jojoba) oil, Behentrimonium chloride, Optiphen plus (preservative).

How to use; 

Apply to clean wet or dry hair. Gently work through hair with fingers or a wide tooth comb to remove knots and tangles. Do not rinse out. Style as desired.

I applied the Moisturizing Milk Shake to my wet hair and I didn’t like the out come at all. My hair felt dry and funny,  I didn’t know what to do with it. So…

Shanyi organics

I simply twisted my hair and tied my satin scarf ready for bed. The following morning, I applied the moisturizing milk shake on dry hair and wow! My hair loved it.

Knots were easy to get rid off and my hair felt super soft. Have I mentioned these products smell awesome as well? Oh yes they do.

Before applying the mousturizing milk shake.Shanyi organics

After applying a little quantity of the moisturizing milk shake.Shanyi organics

Done applying the product. See how soft and shiny my hair looks? Well it is soft and shiny ?Shanyi organics

I had to be careful while applying the moisturizing milk shake because the pump wasnt working but that’s a minor problem. All in all I love these products and who knows, they might just become a staple.

Have you tried these products or any of Shanyi organic products? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

You can find them on instagram – @shanyiorganics

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