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September Already?

imageHello Darlings!

You good? Welcome to the month of September. Soon, we will be singing christmas carols and jotting down new year resolutions, Yes?

Today, I’ll be sharing a few of my August favs. Just a few things that made the month of August worthwhile.

IMG_20150823_103022_editOne Three Hill.

I found these amongst my sisters things. Couldn’t find season one though but I sure enjoyed watching season 2, 3 and 4 all over again. Ooh young love *sigh*

images Aurora Asknes.

Last month, I listened to beautiful, mind soothing music from this talented  Norwegian 19 year old. My fav songs have got to be “running with the wolves” and  “Nature Boy”. If you’re into Electropop then you’d love love loove her.


Yaaay! I started reading again. A habit I dropped cos boys became a distraction, lool I kid. I became lazy period. This book got me laughing for days. Baba Segi who thought he was Lord was played by three of his wives. Spoiler: None of the 7kids in his household were his..


I fell in love with this unhealthy goodness called Scoozi. For just N50 a pack, I get to enjoy 10 small bars of wafers packed with enough calories. Justification : I’m hoping to join #Teamfitfam come September. Eh I know it’s September already, I mean mid September.

 imageI’d like to say a big thank you to sogie of divadiaries blog for introducing me and so many others (I think) to this app. Pocket allows me save all my favourite blogs as well as articles easily and read at a later time.awesome I tell ya, awesome!image imageMy Natural Hair.

I have been a naturalista for a year 6months and I’ve felt like one of those lips service naturalistas who say they have it but never flaunt it. Well, I fell in love all over again with my hair and took a lot of pride flaunting my natural hair for three weeks at a stretch. Loved the stares and all the compliments that came with it not to talk of the mini lectures I gave and received all cos of my hair.

That’s about it loves. My August favs.

Oooh wait! There’s one more. Rihannas Dancing in the dark song. It cheers me up whenever I’m feeling blue.

Got any August favs? You can share using the comment box.


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  1. Hmmm, in august I feel in love wid sun screen, sunburn isn’t my portion, I have decided to eat an apple a day, though I wish it’s chicken, learning to spree is now a hobby, began in august, and singing on d street wid my ears plugged., love jidenna, sept, I got ya.

  2. I ended my coke addiction in August (I think) and I have a new addiction Zobo(from a particular catering college) I heard its a healthy drink. I hope it’s a September to remember 🙂
    Grace Gigi please give me your hair already. Thank you!

  3. I always see this Scoozi but never buy it. I’ll buy it tomorrow and try it.
    I’m joining you on the Team Fit Fam journey abeg! I need it.
    Baba Segi was just a clueless proud man I tell you.
    I love Pocket too! Such a good app!
    Your hair is so so pretty! Biko, flaunt it more!
    Nigerian and Natural

  4. Wow. Pretty good memories of one three hill. I think the characters in that series kinda helped form my personality. How I think, how I talk majorly my perception of boys and dating generally. I think I need a rewatch. I would certainly see things differently. Thanks for sharing. Muah… Adetayo

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