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Scars To Your Beautiful…

By August 12, 201612 Comments


To the beautiful woman sitting over there. This is to tell you that I see you and I see your tears. I can sense the fear and the despair. Your flaws and your vulnerabilty sitting right over there…

But all that doesnt matter cos I have seen beneath your beautiful and I have seen your strength. I have seen your scars, and all the places you refuse to bare. But I have also seen a soul that feels trapped in a cage unforseen. A cage you think is all so real but my dear only you can make it real.

A cage you let others put you in, no! More like a cage you let yourself be put in, cos you’ve seen, you know your flaws and vulnerability and yet you know not what power lies within.

So for how long will you let this be you or will you drop the charade and find the real you…

For how long will you let peoples words and wrong perception of you define you?

How long will you continue to cower, afraid to break free?

For you are more than just a pretty face, I imagine you as the thunder just before the soothing rain.

I see the struggle, you not wanting to lose your self through the battle. But hunny you need to realise your scars are part of what make you beautiful…

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