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Sarcasm, Monochrome X Inscription Tees 2

Sarcasm, Monochrome X Inscription Tees 2

Once upon a time in my life, the inscription on this tee was so apt. So apt, it got me into trouble a couple of times. Sarcasm comes naturally to me but I’m trying to tone it down before I get beaten . A few of my close friends can testify to this*Hi Tony* lol.

I actually started this inscription tees series hoping to inspire my readers on different ways they can wear their inscription tees or plain tee shirts and I really do hope it does.

It’s really easy to just thrown on a pair of denim to go with your tees but nope, not me. I like to play around with my clothes, keeping it simple and comfortable.

I cannot over emphasize the importance of finding ones personal style and staying true to it. Yes, from time to time I try different things but truth is you will always find a ‘Grace’ element in the outfit.

Sarcasm inscription tee…Sarcasm


I could have worn the tee alone with this tulle skirt, but I was gunning for that school girl look so I added my short-sleeved white shirt.



My dad kept teasing me asking if I was going to the convent. Nice one dad, nice one.




Choice of footwear was a bit tricky for me as I’m not big on dresses/skirts with sneakers, but to complete the look I had to. It turned out nice I think.

Please leave your thoughts on my outfit in the comment section below.

You can read the first post of this series here.  

Outfit details:

White shirt – Jumia

Inscription tee – Jumia

Tulle skirt – Random buy

White sneakers – Gift

White purse – Thrifted

Kisses loves!!!

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    1. Yup so true. This is def your style. Babe I saw one meme o. The guy was in his house and true true they beat him o so lets be guided …. Lmaooo

      Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Now here’s another angle. I love the whole monochromatic school girl look you got going on and Jumia has the coolest inscription tee collections tho in the men’s section.
    How long did it take for them to deliver though? I kinda have a phobia for online shopping and it’s wàhálà ?
    Looking forward to the next one, perhaps the “I can’t adult today shirt” or “I’ve got your back”.
    See what I’m trying to do ? ??

    1. Darling!!!! Thanks once again for inspiring this series and thanks for your comment. Delivery took about a week (Global shipping) and to be honest, I am disappointed with the fabric and size chart concerning this tee. I had to cut of the sleeves cos they were too tight. And yes, I sometimes shop from the mens section.

      I see what you did there and yes those posts/tees follow in that order too loll.


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