Once upon a time in my life, the inscription on this tee was so apt. So apt, it got me into trouble a couple of times. Sarcasm comes naturally to me but I’m trying to tone it down before I get beaten . A few of my close friends can testify to this*Hi Tony* lol.

I actually started this inscription tees series hoping to inspire my readers on different ways they can wear their inscription tees or plain tee shirts and I really do hope it does.

It’s really easy to just thrown on a pair of denim to go with your tees but nope, not me. I like to play around with my clothes, keeping it simple and comfortable.

I cannot over emphasize the importance of finding ones personal style and staying true to it. Yes, from time to time I try different things but truth is you will always find a ‘Grace’ element in the outfit.

Sarcasm inscription tee…Sarcasm


I could have worn the tee alone with this tulle skirt, but I was gunning for that school girl look so I added my short-sleeved white shirt.



My dad kept teasing me asking if I was going to the convent. Nice one dad, nice one.




Choice of footwear was a bit tricky for me as I’m not big on dresses/skirts with sneakers, but to complete the look I had to. It turned out nice I think.

Please leave your thoughts on my outfit in the comment section below.

You can read the first post of this series here.  

Outfit details:

White shirt – Jumia

Inscription tee – Jumia

Tulle skirt – Random buy

White sneakers – Gift

White purse – Thrifted

Kisses loves!!!

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