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Rocker Chick – Faux Leather Waterfall Jacket

RockerThe waterfall jacket became a huge trend towards the end of last year. From the maxi length to waist length…

I’ve seen so many types, ranging from the printed to the multicoloured, the maxi length to cropped version. I even saw and fell in love with the houndstooth one but I was in no hurry to buy. I really don’t buy clothes I can’t easily wear. I mean, from work to my almost non existent social life, where would I wear a waterfall jacket to?

That was the question I kept asking myself until the items my sister ordered arrived. Boy was I thrilled when I saw this beautiful black and white waterfall jacket. Best part? The faux leather hands. Love eeeet.. I also love the rocker vibe it gives off and you all know black then white are my two favourite colors. So paired with my black pants, trusty black heels and my now go to purse for a lil color, I dressed up with no where to go. A girl is allowed to sit pretty at home right? *side eye*

Rocker Chick...Rocker1









She ordered for just two of this jacket and I’ve bought one so If you are interested in the other one, please send me a mail

Curious though. where would you were a waterfall jacket to??

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  1. Whooosh! Grace you look hotter than fire. Whattttt!

    Too many things to love about your fabulous outfit:

    1. Monochrome chic

    2. The Diana Ross hair

    3. Faux Leather. Leather has a way of making a garment accelerate at 200 mph down
    Cool Street

    4. Your uber confident sultry poses.

    Have a great week.

  2. Even though I have one waterfall jacket in black, the shopaholic goddess in me cannot let this one go! I have already paired it with like 3 outfits in my head. Biko I’m getting it! You have this ‘dare me’ look with the whole ensemble. Love it.

  3. I have a maxi length waterfall and I pair with a bodycon dress mostly to church. I love love this!!. The leather sleeves gives it this extra special look……

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