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Relationship Labels – Do They Really Matter?

Relationship Labels – Do they really matter?


Relationship labels

I honestly didn’t realize people enjoyed Talk Thursday, but the 30+ emails I got urging me not to stop posting has convinced me otherwise so now I’m ‘gingered’ ?. Here goes…

Relationship Labels…

I met George about 6years ago. We kicked it off the minute Sandra introduced us at her house party.

He had a very good sense of humour, witty to the core and I must say he was very smart. We laughed at the same jokes, communicated and fooled around so easily, one would think we had known each other for years.

One month later after several dates, loads of phone calls and texting, facetime too, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Now we were official. Nothing much changed except the cute pet names started rolling in. We were still our goofy selves and enjoyed each others company immensly.

Until one day we went out on a date. We ran into a couple of his buddies and he introduced me as his friend.
Relationship labels

That’s legit the expression I had on my face. I tried not to dwell on it but arrrgh it hurt me I wont even lie. I started thinking and overthinking it all but a few days later I let it slide.

Three weeks later, we went out on another date and ran into two of his friends. He introduced me as his girlfriend and I’m sure you all think I was beaming from ear to ear right? Well, No.

Here’s why. During the pleasantries and introductions, he mentioned he hadn’t seen them in ages and from the little chatter they had going on, these guys werent based here.

Do you now see where I’m going with this? Lol. Anyway I put it all behind me and enjoyed the evening with him. See, I’m sweet like that.

One month later, we are in a supermarket shopping for stuff when someone walks up to him ‘hailing’ him. They shake hands and all then he turns to me and introduces me as his friend. Arrrrgh! What is it with this guy?

It seems like to the guys he sees regularly I am his ‘friend’ while he has no issues introducing me as his girlfriend to people who dont really matter or to the guys he aint so chummy with.

A few days later I bring it up. I ask him why he introduces me as his friend and all he could say was “but you’re my friend too now” ??? Imagine! He went further to say he didnt believe in relationship labels.

I sat there shocked. I even tried to make up excuses for him but nothing made sense. All I could settle for was he was probably keeping his options open and didnt want to conciously commit by giving us, me the label.

I bet you all want to know what happened after that? Go figure ? hehe.

Relationship labels

What’s your take on relationship labels? Would you over look it if everything seemed fine between you and your significant other despite you being introduced as a friend?

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  1. It’s a big deal to me. I love the labels and I’ll so take it south if I get introduced as a friend in spite of other areas of our relationship being fine lol.

  2. This hasnt happened to me before and I pray it doesnt. Ahan whats with the different introductions now. I wouldnt find it funny at all. Relationship lables matter to me.

  3. I’ve missed you too. i totally agree with you on the BS part. i know we all have great expectations but the truth is not everyone does. Lmao at relationship contract tho. the idea is rather amusing but really it’s just a form of quality control so we know where were going before we get really close and then have a painful fallout over something seemingly insignificant which really in reality is important.
    You go girl!

  4. lol. first off,it’ll take me ten minutes to carefully think through what I’m about to say. Relationship labels are a important and you’re probably right about him keeping his options open… but I’ve gotta ask, did you both agree that this was a committed relationship with a future? “Girlfriend” seems like the word. I’ve personally never really liked that particular word, instead I’d actually introduce my significant other saying, ” This is my significant other”,no matter who the receiver of this intro is. it’s a hard world we live in and so, just for the benefit of a doubt, when he pops the “girlfriend” question I think it would be wise to talk about what it means with him or her and not go assuming they know what to do or their responsible enough to do it. but hey, wah do I know right?

    1. I will start by saying, ive missed you Mr Grey. Lol.
      Well, we may not have drafted a relationship contract but I believe the minute he asked we become official, he was using his brain. At least you introduce her as your significant other. In my case I was simply Grace and the person I was being introduced to was ‘friend’. Utter BS I tell you.

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