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Purple Love, Purple Blood – Jumia Shopping Experience.


Hi there! A blessed new week to you, you and you and a happy belated birthday to Bookie Kunlere Kisses darling.

Lately, I’ve been out of sorts plus I’ve been dealing with a nasty sore throat turned ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) infection and no, I didn’t kiss anyone hence my lack of posts especially last week’s Talk Thursday. Forgive me.

I usually roll my eyes when I hear my ‘You’ve got mail’ alert on my phone go off. These days, it’s that annoying Mr Ikemba and his absurd spam mails. He needs to be stopped! Well on this particular day, I checked and it was a mail from Jumia with a N10,000 voucher attached to it. *now watch me whip, watch me nae nae*.

It’s no secret I love online shopping and Jumia is my go to online store. You would think that since I got a voucher, I would buy things off my Jumia wishlist right? Errrrr wrong! Instead, I opted for three different items. The first is this Purple open back chiffon top which I paired with my slim white pants (I can’t say it enough, slim white pants and well fitted white pants are so chic) and black heels. I was drawn to the top cos of it’s color and since I dont really own clothes in bold colors, I decided to get it. Even though the shoot was rushed (still on the no camera battery charger issue), I must say I had loads of fun. I’m sure you can tell from the pictures.

Purple Love…










I decided to keep my accessories simple so I went for loop earrings, layered my chains and added my spike n skull bands for alil edge. For the not so conservative ones out there, you can wear this top without an inner camisole.

I must say that I’m not sorry for flooding this post with more pictures than I normally do. Like I said, this shoot was so much fun thanks to my girls Tobey and Elsie. I can’t say it enough, you girls rock!!!, plus I’m learning how to pose.

You like?

Outfit Deets 

Purple Chiffon Top – Jumia get it here

Slim White Pants – Thrifted

Shoes – Big Sis

Bag – Other Big sis

Spikes n Skull bracelet – Gifted


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  1. OK, I’m gonna join you and we are gonna kill Mr Ikemba. Drink very hot water with bitter leaf for d throat. I so love d pants. Everything simply falls into place. Decent. Cheeky and comfortable. Nice.

  2. You’re looking good in that purple & white combo by dear sis, always as usual. I love d purple top from front but d back erm erm may not like to create dt effect.

  3. I love the simple but ‘chick’ look…the slim white pants are dope,it speaks (confidence)especially when paired with those pair of fineee shoes.

  4. Hello Grace, its my first time here, my naughty friend Tobey is an ardent reader of your blog. You’ve got a good style sense. Weldone!

  5. You look so lovely, that top is Business in the front, Party in the back! 😀

    I like how slim white pants always look so chic.

    I had to google Mr Ikemba, then I understood, someone ranted on twitter about his absurd mails, lol

    Have a great week!

  6. Yay! Purple is my favorite colour although I don’t have many clothes in that colour. I love everything about the outfit especially the shoes.

  7. What exactly did you do for Jumia to give you N10,000 worth of voucher? Despite using a similar online shop to purchase a lot of things over time, I never got even N500 voucher. Please tell me o.

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