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Product Review –

Product Review –

Hey Hey Hey!!!

I’m back darlings! It seems someone has become quite consistent on the blog. Whoop whoop to that.

One of the many perks of being a blogger is waking up to blogger mails from brands, websites et al asking if you would like to work with them, or receiving items for your personal use/product review. ?

I was gifted a $15 voucher to shop from with a limit of picking no more than 5 items.

Now, is an online store for ‘cheap’ gadgets, accessories, fashion items, home appliances, you name it, and since I had never heard of them, I decided to check them out.

Armed with my $15 voucher, I began to peruse their fashion section looking for items I would like with fairly good prices.

Then I found this. On the site it was a mini dress but when I got it, I saw a tee shirt ?. I love inscription tees so I’ll let it slide.
Product review…
Product review

Gosh, I love the inscription on this tee..

Page 11 and frustrated, I decided to go to their fashion accessory section. I’ve been looking for charm bracelets/bangles ever since those naughty thieves robbed me of mine, so finding these cuties made me happy.

Product review

I still had change to spare so I went back to the fashion section to look for one more item. That’s when I found this pink side slit top. Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the sides of the top. ?

Product review
Product review

These cute kitten midi rings were a last minute add to cart kinda buy.

Product review

Product review

Product review

Shopping done. Items were shipped out on March 22 and I received them on the 3rd of May with no tracking available??.

All my excitement flew out the window when I opened my package. The quality of the items were below par. I even had to stitch some areas on the black tee, and snip off dangling thread.

I love the idea of a website that stocks affordable items but I would love them more if the quality was a little bit better.

Cheap doesnt have to mean terribly inferior Ugh!

On the flipside: I’d like to believe I shopped on the wrong day because going back to their site, I just saw some pretty cool items. The quality I cant say.

Would I go back and shop? Nope!

PS: For product review(s), be sure that I will post my honest opinions. 

Kisses loves!!!

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  1. Been waiting for this since you posted on your IG stories. Love the tshirt inscription and I would have preferred the bracelet in gold. They should have give you at least $50 dollars naw.

  2. I love the accessories especially the rings. Thank you for the honest review as most if these super affordable online stores are usually below standard. Great post!

  3. I have to say, you’re doing really great. You commented on another blog with the link to this post and I was tempted to click, so I did! Then I read the whole post and actually went on the website and registered! You did so well, describing everything etc. I hope more partnerships come your way this year! How was the shipping though?

    P.S I so wish It was me receiving that $15 gift card! There’s such a nice range of stuff, especially in the accessories section! One day.. one day lol. Anyway, enjoyed the post.

    1. Thank you so so much for your comment. The shipping took quite a while. The items were shipped out on the 22nd of March and I got them on the 3rd of May. No means of tracking was available. Imagine the worry one would go through if he/she paid (not a gift voucher).

    1. No point leading anyone Astray… my dear, I just push my self to be consistent not like Its fun. For outfit posts, I try to shoot as many as I can in one day.

  4. So I ordered from them but as a guest. Still waiting for my package. No tracking number or a response to my email ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

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