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I’m back darlings! It seems someone has become quite consistent on the blog. Whoop whoop to that.

One of the many perks of being a blogger is waking up to blogger mails from brands, websites et al asking if you would like to work with them, or receiving items for your personal use/product review. ?

I was gifted a $15 voucher to shop from tosave.com with a limit of picking no more than 5 items.

Now, www.tosave.com is an online store for ‘cheap’ gadgets, accessories, fashion items, home appliances, you name it, and since I had never heard of them, I decided to check them out.

Armed with my $15 voucher, I began to peruse their fashion section looking for items I would like with fairly good prices.

Then I found this. On the site it was a mini dress but when I got it, I saw a tee shirt ?. I love inscription tees so I’ll let it slide.
Product review…
Product review

Gosh, I love the inscription on this tee..

Page 11 and frustrated, I decided to go to their fashion accessory section. I’ve been looking for charm bracelets/bangles ever since those naughty thieves robbed me of mine, so finding these cuties made me happy.

Product review

I still had change to spare so I went back to the fashion section to look for one more item. That’s when I found this pink side slit top. Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the sides of the top. ?

Product review
Product review

These cute kitten midi rings were a last minute add to cart kinda buy.

Product review

Product review

Product review

Shopping done. Items were shipped out on March 22 and I received them on the 3rd of May with no tracking available??.

All my excitement flew out the window when I opened my package. The quality of the items were below par. I even had to stitch some areas on the black tee, and snip off dangling thread.

I love the idea of a website that stocks affordable items but I would love them more if the quality was a little bit better.

Cheap doesnt have to mean terribly inferior Ugh!

On the flipside: I’d like to believe I shopped on the wrong day because going back to their site, I just saw some pretty cool items. The quality I cant say.

Would I go back and shop? Nope!

PS: For product review(s), be sure that I will post my honest opinions. 

Kisses loves!!!

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