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Hi loves!

Isn’t it amazing how you can take one piece of clothing, mix and match it up with another piece of clothing, throw in one or two accessories, nice shoes, and bam! You’ve got a nice looking outfit?

Oh I think it is. I think It’s super duper whooper amazing. I can’t seem to explain how much I love dressing up. When I’m bored and got nowhere to go, I chill in my room pairing outfits, thinking of a million and one ways to wear an outfit, altering some e.t.c.

This printastic skirt is everything. The length is just right and It can be worn with green, pink, purple, white, black, yellow, you name it. I decided to go with green this time around and grabbed my structured bag to go with.

For accessories, I used my hair band as a neck piece, threw on my ‘Domo Arigato, Mr Roboto ring (mouth full yea?) as well as my pyramid shaped ring, my trusty blocked heels (super comfy I tell ya) and I was ready to go.






Since I’m gradually leaving my comfort zone and by comfort zone I mean Jeans and pants, I tend to wear a lot of full skirts. I feel really comfortable in them. I’m sure with time, I’ll get to the pencil skirts and dresses as well. After all, fashion should be all about comfort first. Well to me it should.

I apologise for boring you all with the same background hehehe. I hope to use other locations soon the minute I get someone willing to drive me to some cool location and take my pictures. Any offers pleaaaase???

Skirt – Copped from The5kshop




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  1. Hello Grace,

    Really nice mod print. Full skirts are still winning *happy dance*

    I’ve started liking mint green these days, it’s a subtle, pretty pastel.

    You look lovely.

  2. Referring my friend to this post right about now! She has a similar skirt and yall have a lot of similarities, maybe she would find inspiration hehehe.

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