How To Prep Your Lips For Matte Lipsticks

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MatteI really love matte lipsticks and lip stains but they can be a bit difficult to apply smoothly especially if your lips aren’t ready for them…

In some cases, when the matte lipstick/lipstain is applied, you don’t get a smooth finish and that’s because your lips are dry and probably have cracks. This happened to me a couple of times to I started a mini routine to get that smooth finish.


Exfoliating your lips regularly is super important, especially if you wear matte lipsticks often. There is nothing more unforgiving to dry lips than matte lipstick – it will highlight every little dry patch and cracked line, making your lips look less than stellar. Exfoliating your lips can be as easy as applying some lip balm, patting a bit of sugar on your lips, and then gently scrubbing to remove any dead skin. I use my toothbrush to exfoliate my lips. Yup! After brushing and rinsing my teeth, I simply rub the bristles of my toothbrush over my lips gently and apply a little bit of lip balm or coconut oil afterwards to moisturise. Key word is ‘a little’ as you don’t want to end up with over greased lips.


After exfoliating, I like to add a little bit of a lip balm or coconut oil as earlier mentioned.. Matte lipsticks/lipstains or matte products in general,  have a tendency to be a bit drying, so some added hydration never hurts. The key is to not slather your lips in balm as any further products you try to apply won’t be able to stick to your lips and they’ll end up wearing off too quickly. Oh I forgot to mention that I sometimes use the EOS lipbalm. Great stuff if you ask me.


Taking a lipliner that matches your lipstick, carefully line your lips and then fill them in. This gives something for your matte lipstick to adhere to, so it will stay in place hours longer than normal.


Now that you’ve prepped your lips properly for your lipsticks/lipstains, you need to own it. What I mean is, you know for sure that your lip game is strong, so strut your stuff girl and worry not about dry cracked lines tryna embarrass you *wink*

How do you prep your lips?

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