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Prayer – I Lose Focus While Praying…

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In recent times, my prayer life has been suffering. Praying has been a tad bit difficult. I find myself struggling, my mind constantly drifting, my attention span waning and the days I tell myself no Grace! Try again, I find myself once again struggling, my mind drifting, all focus lost…

This leaves me sad, confused, angry even. What’s changed? What’s different? I live my life concious of his presence so why should communicating with him be so hard these days? Then I remembered a saying…

[ctt title=”‘Pray hardest when it\’s hardest to pray'” tweet=”‘Pray hardest when it’s hardest to pray'” coverup=”2Tn8a”]

Easy peasy right? Well that’s when the real work starts. It’s like the distractions double. The other day I woke up, showered first before praying so I wouldn’t blame it on still feeling sleepy but guess what? I fell asleep. So I changed tactics. No more lying down or kneeling down to pray. I tried standing. You would think that would help right? Well It didn’t.

Work of the devil you say? He’s trying to hinder me from reaching out to God right? He’s threatened by my prayer(s) and this is one of his many plots right? I agree. I agree and worry has set in, so I started trying to pray while walking or driving. Nope that doesn’t work as well cos my mind and thoughts always drift away somehow. I am frustrated!!!

I do understand that I am a threat to the devil and the more I pray and study the word of God, the more I sheild myself from his evil ways so now I start with “Dear Lord, help me pray. Help me stay focused and keep all distractions at bay, Amen” 

Yes it works. Though the mind and thoughts still drift a little bit, I seem to be able to keep it under control and the more I ask God to help me focus, the easier it becomes. Phew! The devil almost had me there. Nice try devil, nice try.

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Grace Gigi

Grace Gigi

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  • Berry Dakara says:

    Good one! Maybe also try praying out loud, and mixing it with praise/worship.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  • Toni says:

    The best time of my day is the time I spend in prayers. The devil tries to slow me down sometimes, he really tries but grace (Not you) lol, is what I ask for and mercy to keep me on my heels so I can remember the purpose for praying. This post inspired me. Thanks for sharing. I hope this brings back Talk Thursday

  • Charles Gigi says:

    This morning I had a heartfelt conversation with God.I turned off the worship music and just spoke to God.not the conventional or traditional of “how great thou art o Lord Jehovah” way of praying -just simple language honest talk with my Father and boy was I refreshed.Prayer after all is talking to God and listening in your spirit for His response.Keep on praying dear,don’t stop,just go ahead,go ahead(Ron Kenoly!)

  • thoniaspeaks says:

    First understand that prayer is communion with God, and the devil who is against us connecting with our maker, will try (all means possible) to stop that from happening.

    With this understanding, fear not for God is your help and strength. (isaiah 41:10) Just reach out God in faith as Charles Adviced and as you did.

    The battle is real.

  • elsie says:

    The prayer battle is indeed real!!! I feel that distraction too bt I listen to worship songs and start my prayer like a conversation with a friend(which He is) and it flows. Thanks for this piece.

  • Nedoux says:

    Hi Gracey,

    I appreciate your honesty, particularly because this post resonates with me. I have a very restless mind, there are times when my mind wanders while praying

    Prayer is basically talking to God. So, what I do is to have little conversations with the Lord during the course of my day. Plain talking about what’s on my mind at that moment. 🙂

    • Grace Gigi says:

      Hi Nedu,

      I’d first of all like to thank you for the nudge to resume Talk Thursday.

      Yes, prayer is communicating with God and perhaps I let it skip my mond that I could have lil conversations with him during the course of my day *covers face*

  • Lade says:

    You are not alone my dear!! I used to fall right back to sleep too but now i say a quick prayer once i get up & some praise & worship first and do the main prayer while walking/taking the train to school + other times. I definitely wouldn’t be sleeping while walking orrr…lool and more so its easier when you don’t do the traditional way of praying… it’s really is as simple as talking to your friend!

  • Evita says:

    This happened to me a while ago but I shook it off, dunno how. But I’ve learned that praying is literally talking with God. Like I can talk to him while walking, in a bus, when I’m really sad or extremely happy. I don’t have to assume a certain position to pray. It’s something I do on the go.

  • Theresa says:

    Wow Gracey, great job.

    Your post today has been able to bring and remind these many souls about the importance of prayer. Your ability to overcome the trials of the devil will always strengthen you to do more for God. Thanks dear, God bless you and keep you strong in him…can I hear an Amen ????????

  • Uju Ayalogu says:

    Generally I do my morning devotion the minute the clock shows 23:59. I generally don’t sleep before midnight.
    It’s on my bed. I sit up when I’m reading the Bible and I read it aloud but I lie down flat on my bed when I’m praying. Sometimes I pray in my head. Sometimes it’s aloud. And it’s a conversation. It’s also the way I send myself to sleep so if I haven’t prayed for all the people on my mental list or said the Lord’s prayer, I sit up.
    Mix it up. Pray when you’re walking, when you’re waiting for the bus, when you’re in the car/ bus.
    You’ll find that you love talking to God more that way.
    Ps- Reply this comment. Please.

  • ngozi says:

    I struggle too in this area but I keep trying and pray for more grace. All the comments show me that am not alone and I keep at it for by God’s help thanks

  • KacheeTee says:

    I like this post.

    We all struggle with this even with the best intentions. I’ve tried to start writing in my journal, so just not verbal prayer but written prayers are encouraged. It’s particularly good when you go back and see your past prayers answered no matter how little.

    And yes, talking to God all through the day. Someone told me something very useful once. I need to start practising it again. Pick an activity. E.g Every time you pass through a door, and then say a one line prayer every time you do that.

    Epistle! Lol

  • ann says:

    Everybody has a prayer system that works for him/her so find yours.
    Prayer as already said is fellowship, communion with God hence shouldn’t be a one time, daily event.
    As thots, events, people come up in our minds, you can talk to the Lord right where u are.

  • FadekemiA says:

    Omgg. Hi Grace.
    This is exactly how I feel.
    You hit it exactly right on target.

    Ive bn having this issue, I even set up my alarm to pray (which I really didnt need before) and I wake up in the morning wondering why I dint hear it ring. ????

    Even studying the word is tough these days, I’m on this bible-in-one-year plan and I’m seriously behind. I thought it was laziness at first but now I get it.

    I tell you the war against us, children of God, is live and I’m taking your advice.
    Thank you for this very relatable post.

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