Waking up to the sights and sound of the beach is the most relaxing thing ever. It’s so calm and therapeutic and for the first time in a long while, I can say I had a clear head. I was totally at peace…


This past weekend, I went on a spontaneous trip to Ilashe & Tarkwa Bay to chill at the Popbeachclub beach house with other amazing creatives, all thanks to Thebloggersadvocate.

Popbeachclub is a private collection of intimate venues for outdoor activities. They have two beach houses, one at Ilashe beach and the other at Tarkway bay and yes, your girl spent her weekend at both beach houses.

Here are all the details on the beach house and my experience.


There were two meet up points for those of us who went on the trip. One was Farmcity in Lekki and the other was the Lagos boat club in Ikoyi. I met up with Mr Gbenga and my friend Alice, (the brain behind Thebloggersadvocate) and together we all headed to Ikoyi.


Take off time was 4:30 pm but we left at past 5 pm. The trip from the jetty to the beach house at Ilashe took about 2days 25 – 30 mins I think.

It was an all expense paid trip but I asked and was told the trip to Ilashe from the Lagos boat club in Ikoyi costs about N4000 per boat. We were 8 in the boat we took.

The eight of us arrived at the jetty in Ilashe and had to wait for the rest of the crew. Trust us to use the opportunity to take lots of pictures.

The walk from the jetty in ilashe to the beach house is about 10minutes so I recommend you wear comfortable shoes like sneakers, flip flops or even go barefoot as it’s mostly sand.


On arrival, the first thing you see are the cabanas and the coconut trees surrounding the place. It’s one of the most beautiful sights ever.

The beach house at Ilashe has two chalets, 10 cabanas, 1 club house, 1 tennis court, 1 pool, 1 volley ball court , 1 kitchen including oven and 2 grill pits, 4 toilets , 4 showers and about 38 people can sleep there.

View of the beach house…


We were all exhausted by the time everyone got in, so we all showered, ate dinner, had a few glasses of wine and went straight to bed. Well I did, but some people stayed up gisiting and listening to music.

The itinerary for the next morning (Saturday) involved a 45 minutes walk (which wasn’t funny at all) around Ilashe beach. We got to see other beach houses and the beach itself.

Sights around the popbeachclub beach house at Ilashe.

We left Ilashe for Tarkwa bay at 4:30 and it took us about 15-20 minutes to get there. It cost about N300.

It Includes 5 double rooms, 6 cabanas, 1 clubhouse, 1 pool, 1 kitchen including 2 grill pits, 6 toilets, 5 showers and about 32people can sleep there.


what the rooms look like at Tarkwa bay

Both beach houses are available to hire for people who want to chill, have outdoor activities and perhaps a destination wedding?


  • To hire the entire beach house at Ilashe is N540,000
  • The one at Tarkwa Bay is N480,000 but there is an ongoing 30% discount so you can get them for N378,000 & N336,000 respectively.
  • To hire the chalet in Ilashe is N60,000 but with the discount, it’s N42,000
  • The double rooms at Tarkwa Bay go for N30,000 discount price is N21,000

You can view more of their packages here

You can carry along raw food stuff. They have staff there on stand by waiting to tend to your needs. You also don’t need to worry about mosquitoes, as they have mosquito nets.

I must say I enjoyed myself, got to make new friends as well as strengthen old friendships.

Stay you, Stay beeeyuteeful

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