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Polka Dot & Jumpsuits – Casual Days…

By October 20, 2015January 12th, 201723 Comments

Polka Dots

I remember reading a blog post not too long ago on a Polka Dot outfit and commenting that I didn’t think I owned any Polka Dot clothing. Well I guess that’s what happens when you focus on just the visible clothes in your wardrobe hence the wardrobe capsule …

Polka Dots2

Polka Dots3

Polka Dots4

Polka Dots5

Polka Dots6


I think simple jumpsuits if they fit right, are a perfect go to outfit on those days you can’t decide on what to wear. They are second to denims. Yes? I wasn’t big on blogging this outfit until Tamara insisted that I do (Hey girl *waving*). Since I wasn’t  going anywhere serious or fancy, I paired this Polka Dot junpsuit with white flats.

Like my hair? It’s Brazilian wool. I think this will be my go to hair ‘attachment’ as natural hair doesn’t go well with expression attachment. I actually wanted the twists longer -waist length but my stylist wasn’t feeling too well. Oh well next time I suppose.

Tamara took these pictures. We were trying out my 75-300mm lense and it looks like we’ll get there soon as she’s taking photography lessons. I’m excited for her and myself cos it only means better pictures for the blog.

Where would you wear this outfit to guys? Got any Polka Dot outfit? Tag me so I can see please..

Ps: I’m currently under the weather and you all won’t believe where I’m blogging from. Flowers, chocolates (MnMs) and lucozade (I hate ribena) are all welcome.

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