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Pleated Skirts – Styling Tips & Fashion On A Budget

Pleated Skirts – Styling Tips & Fashion On A Budget


Pleated Skirts can be quite tricky to wear. To some, it may come off as too serious,  too mature and even professional..

I know for a fact that Pleated Skirts can be somewhat difficult to mange as well,  and taking care of the pleats especially those small pleats called the Knife pleat, can be a little tricky.

You might find it difficult ironing it for fear of messing up the pleat pattern. Truth is,  you don’t really need to but if you must,

Tip: iron using low heat.

In order not to look too serious or official,  style your pleated skirt with a plain tee or top and bold neck accessories.

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For this look,  I didn’t use any neck accessories because my top has a neck cut out. This serves as the necessary edge my outfit needed.

Pleated Skirts… 

Pleated Skirts

I opted for a slim waist belt to help create that cinched in look since the skirt Is a midi length skirt.

Throw on a nice pair of heels,  not too high if you’re not a fan of heels like me. Just make sure you are comfortable or you can throw on some really cute embellished sandals too.

Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirts

Pair your outfit with a fun cute purse to add a little playful vibe to the look.  I went with my black clutch to go with my top and shoes.

For this look, the skirt is the key element.  The pop of color to balance out all the black.

Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirts

This look can be worn to church or for a date or even to an event (depends on what kind though).

This look was put together all on a budget. Less than 5k minus the shoes.  I  got my outfit from the following stores below.

Skirt – @lolas_thriftstore

Top – @retro_addicts

Clutch – @thriftstoreeko

Look 2 will be up soon.  I’d love to read your thoughts on this look.  Kindly share using the comment box below.

Kisses loves!!!

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  1. I like the color of the & length of the skirt, you know midi is my thing. Of course you had to pair with black *eye roll* LOL. Fashion on a budget is underrated fam! I’m glad everyone is seeing the need to thrift these days. Long time no see (you) on @thethriftstoreng though *another eye roll*. Love the overall look, I hope the next look is with sneakers *wink*.

    1. Black is my goto anyday anytime. I’m not really a fan of midi length dresses or skirts though. Its okay to buy fancy high earned this but fashion on a budget is key. Yea, I’ll def stop by soon. Hopefully you will patronize my budding business as well. Yes?

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