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Personal Style – Wearing Thehdhqv…

Personal Style

I have heard alot of people define their Personal style. Some say theirs is Chic, some say eccentric, some are even yet to find where their sense of style lies… 

I on the other hand believe that my personal style is a reflection of me and is connected to the very essence of who I am.

Armed with this knowledge, it has become pretty easy to translate it into fashion and other aspects of my life.

[ctt title=”‘Know first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly’. – Epictetus” tweet=”‘Know first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordignly’. – Epictetus” coverup=”fQf18″]

A lot of people have gotten it all wrong mistaking ‘Fashion’ to be ‘Style’. These are two different things albeit similar in some ways.  Fashion is all about looks and image that are popular in a specific time and period, while Style is more real and personal. It’s all about expressing who you are through clothes but not limited to. Even the way we wear our hair is part of our style.

Having said all of this, I believe it’s safe to say that my sense of style is a mixture of it all. From classy to edgy to laid back etc.all depending on my mood and whatever the case my be, my ‘mark’ is always present. I can easily tell if I’d wear an outfit the minute I see it and that’s how I was able to select this gorgeous tank top and smoked Jacket from Thehdhqv stand at the pop sale which held a while back. Know the best part? they were really affordable (perks of attending sales events you see). There were alot of really cool pieces on display. Some caught my eye but I had to decline cos even though I appreciated their beauty, I would probably never wear them as I didn’t feel they would fit in with my sense of style.

Personal Style

Personal Style

Personal Style

Personal Style

Personal Style

Personal Style

Like me shades? It’s from NewChic you know *wink*

Pictures – @Chikadin

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  1. Hi Grace,

    You look great. I love the jacket fabric, I can see myself in this outfit, it is so right up my alley.

    You put is so beautifully, indeed, style is personal, as distinct as each person’s DNA, while fashion is defined by the trend of the period. I suppose defining one’s style begins with some level of self-awareness. 🙂

    Hmm, I wonder which one word describes my personal style… Perhaps, “demure”.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  2. I’m yet to find my style but I know I love dresses. I believe women look great in them. I’m Def tilting towards dresses and comfy shoes.

  3. That jacket is fire and I can imagine so many outfits it would look good on! I like the combination of nude and pink and of course your shades *side eye*

      1. My personal style is non existent lol. I love Jeans and still love dresses especially flared dresses. So u can say my style is confusing ????

  4. I’m mostly Afrocentric and Retro with a little street. Knowing ones style could be a difficult thing but it’s relieving to know what your direction is. Your outfit is nice!

  5. Those shoes are life! I think I only discovored my style recently. For a while I just went with the floor and the trends too.

  6. I never have one word to describe mind with when someone asks, It always depends on my mood. That’s what makes fashion fun, always stepping out of the box.

    Love the jacket and shoes.

  7. Wow…I came to do little gbeborun of the site’s UI/UX…and you girl are an amazing entity…you look dashing…

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