“If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.”-Wanda Skyes

Adaeze Ekeokpara is a banking and finance graduate who knew she wanted to do more than just pursue a job with her degree. She found her passion which is interior decoration and is turning it into profit.

She is now a professional interior designer and the creative director of Inspace Design Company. Adaeze shares her insight and knowledge with others through live color workshops and the study of color.

She is also a color expert who focuses on the depth of colors to bring out the real life of a room /house /space /down to your imagination. She can build a house in your mind and while still in the works, you’d see yourself already settling in comfortably within that cozy environment.

Ada will show how to use and organize colors in a way that helps improve the color of the space you need work done on and shares her knowledge of how to use space.

Passion To Profit…


Inspace Design Company… an interior design company focused on bringing your imagination to reality by making sure that your needs and preferences are infused into your surrounding in the most creative and imaginative way possible from the design process through to completion.

As an interior design company, we are completely committed to meeting all your interior designs needs while also delivering top consultancy services at world-class speed.

With our mission focused on ‘providing contemporary solutions in the field of interiors and exterior designs with a professional touch of ideas and creativity’, our vision spans beyond the local sphere as we seek to become a global name in the design industry, with a focus on providing cutting-edge solutions to design issues within Nigeria, Sub-Sahara Africa and the world at large.


To guide our level of professionalism within the design space, we engage our core values of PA-ATA- which stands for Professionalism (we keep it strictly business), Attention to Detail (we obsess over the tiniest detail), Accountability (You being the key factor and our favorite watchword), The After-Service (we step in promptly should the need arise) and Added Value (styling and decorating tips are given so you can continue long after we have delivered).


Every home needs a therapeutic touch, and Inspace Design Company has the capacity to provide this service.

We are Inspace Designsaving the world, one house at a time’

Contact us today on 08063904185 and follow us on Instagram @inspacedesignco let us help you beautify your home beyond on an easy budget.



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